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Winning design #168 by Iridith, Logo Design for Aura Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Iridith

Project description


We are in need of a logo to be designed for our new gym wear and fitness brand; "Aura"
Aura is solely aimed at women between the age 18-35. The logo should be modern and stylish.
This is to be printed on clothes such as bottoms, shirts, bras, and similar related products.

Words,  themes and values of the brand which may give you some sense of the brand:
empowering women, young, sexy and vibrant, healthy living, trendy, high quality

Any question please feel free to fire away! 

Look forward to seeing your great designs..

Team Aura

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  • no flowers or leaves please. thanks for last minute designs #220
  • could i see the text a bit more softer and more curves - its a bit too rigid here. something between would be good #168
  • text looks good but dont like the logo on top. any other ideas? flowers dont represent sports gym wear etc thanks #219
  • Hello CH, here is my work for you, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think #212
  • About #198, @beachman I have applied this logo on sportswear. What do you think ?
  • can you show this on a sports wear please #2
    • @kapstoneglobal oke, please waiting for few minutes. :)

  • can you give me different font designs #168
  • logo will be up against all major brands, need to be more classy and unique #188
  • can you try completely different symbol please #163
  • different symbol and font please #176
  • need a different symbol please #166
  • different symbol on top please #167
  • sports brand, can you come up with a different design please. may be with a emblem and also print it on a sports wear. #169
  • any other design ideas please #178
  • design need to be simple #183
  • Aura Fitness new logo #183
  • Dear CH, please check my designs i hope you like appreciated feedback thanks
  • doesn't look nice when printed, the logo looks too big and not clear. anything else #159
  • can you bring the ends together and make it a complete A. 100% happy with the writing, but the symbol on top is missing something, if you can try variations to this symbol please #155
    • @kapstoneglobal can you also show your logo printed onto a sports garment please

  • give us new variations please #139