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Winning design #555 by Chrissara79, Logo Design for Aurico Capital Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Chrissara79

Project description

I need a logo designed for a new company.  The company is a hedge fund that specializes in trading of precious metals, specifically gold and silver.  I want red and gold to be the dominant colors in the logo (richer gold color than below, more like the metal itself).  Au is the symbol for gold on the periodic table of elements.  The name of the company should be written in a way that accents the "Au" component of Aurico (ie. AuRico).  

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  • I like this version and I am considering it as one of the final possibilities. Can you cross the "A" and make the "ico" lower case like "Rico" more like the font in your version #499? #555
    • About #555, @mattlance Of course I can do it

    • @Chrissara79 Looks great Chrissara. I think we are going to choose your design and work with you. We like choice A. With a few small last changes... Can you make the box, lines and the lettering of "CAPITAL" gold instead of white on the red background? The white and black backgrounds look fine. And one more small thing... can you make the small cap letters "u" on the Au and "ico" on the Rico words slightly smaller? This may make the letters too far spaced apart, but we would like to see how it looks. Thanks.

    • @mattlance Well, I will improve the design and review it a few minutes ahead

    • @mattlance Apparently this is not allowed to do some tweaks in this session. We can do some tweaks on the finalization stage.

  • I like your design. I want the colors to be more gold and silver. This is a bit too yellow and grey on the color scale. Can you adjust colors to be more rich looking? #313
    • About #313, @mattlance yes. can be done

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  • Hi, I tried different revisions to improve the design and to make it more look attractive.
    I will be so glad if you will like it. Thank you & God bless! #531
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