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Winning design #99 by zigzag, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by zigzag

Project description

The School of Earth Sciences at The University of Tasmania is coordinating a project to develop a virtual library of Australia’s geology. This project has collaborators from University and government organisations from across Australia and involves generation of virtual teaching objects that illustrate the important aspects of Australia’s geology. We generate a range of visualisations including fully 3D texture-rendered, photo-realistic models of geological outcrops, ‘gigapixel’ photography, full-spherical panoramas and virtual tours. These objects will be freely distributed as downloadable files through a map-based website that is currently being developed. We have registered the domain name and want create a ‘brand’ around this domain name. We now need a logo to use for our website, correspondence and conference presentations.

The logo should incorporate the domain name ( and also the descriptive text: “Virtual Library of Australia’s Geology”. We would like to use the logo in three modes: as a ‘complete’ logo with all the text ( + Virtual Library of Australia’s Geology), as a logo that just provides the domain name ( and as a logo without any additional text.

The logo should be relatively simple as it may be utilised for several purposes and at a range of scales. The map engine for the website is now operational but the graphic design of the website is not finalised as the logo design, font choice and colour scheme are closely linked. However, given the nature of the subject matter, a more subdued ‘earthy’ look and feel are probably more appropriate than a bold ‘in your face’ design.

We currently have no fixed view on what the logo should incorporate in addition to the words listed above. Design options could build on the concept of a library or an atlas AND/OR utilise some sort of stylised depiction of Australia AND/OR a stylised depiction of rock structure (eg: a fold or fault). It would be good to try to convey that some of the material that we will deliver through the website will consist of 3D virtual objects but this is not essential, particularly if this message would overly complicate the design. We are also open to other designs that don’t necessarily incorporate any of suggestions above – be creative.

The background of the logo should be transparent so that it can be used on the website and in other media.

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  • Needs to be more specific to Australia #120
    • About #120, @michaelroach please check link ( some changes )

    • About #120, @michaelroach please check link ( some changes )

    • @michaelroach please check link

  • OK idea but need it to be more about Australia, not the world #120
    • About #120, @michaelroach .please extend contest then i will be submit....

    • About #120, @michaelroach .please extend contest then i will be submit....

  • Hi, The australia is good - is there any way to give Australia more of a 3D feel?? #53
    • About #53, @michaelroach HI ALSO CHEK THISLINK

  • Like the concept, just concerned that the logo will be a bit too complex when presented at small scale #42
  • Hi like the idea of 3 dimensionality but it is not specific enough to Australia #113
  • Hi, We like the simplicity of this design - might want to alter the colours and maybe make the "ring binders" maybe a bit more visible so that it is apparent at small scales - looks good #99
  • please check #122
  • #121
  • he School of Earth Sciences at The University of Tasmania #120
  • #117
  • . #116
  • Modifications are welcome upon request! Thanks! #102
  • Australia map with geological structure also black arrow cursor is there. #96
  • In this concept the Books are like arranged in shelf like in library and the Globe and Australia map is on it also black arrow cursor has put on it. to interpret as virtual liabrary #95
  • fold #88
  • flaut map #87
  • Hi, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
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    Sahead #86
  • Hi, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
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    Sahead #85
  • Hi, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
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    Sahead #84
  • Hi, These are my first designs, I hope you like it and give me some feedback,
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    Sahead #83