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Winning design #57 by JiRajii, Logo Design for Auss-One Corp Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JiRajii

Project description

We provide services in the migration, education, workforce and concierge areas and we wish to embody the ying and yang concept with the nine colours of the chakra that provide a global service for people wanting to come to Australia to either holiday, study, work or live. We require a stationary pac to be designed including, logo, business cards and office stationary.

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  • Apologies the black needs to be between the red and violet NOT the red and indigo. The rest of previous message remains the same.
    • If you rate my work 30+ only I can upload the corrected design. regards, esociaa

  • Hello CH! Thank you for rating my design #24. If you have any suggestions for improvements for this one or for any other entry of mine, please let me know. Thanks!
  • The white element in the logo needs to be moved beside the green and yellow elements. The black needs to be in between the red and indigo elements. Can you please also add into the white and black elements the little circle that is found in the ying and yang logo.
  • So far we are like the concept you have come up with and we think you are the front runner. What we need you to do is use only the 7 colours of the chakra as you currently have 9. They need to be precise and in order. What we also want you you to do is take away one of the blue curves and replace it with a white one, but try to emphasise the black and white at twice the size of the other curves to reflect the ying and yang in an obvious manner making sure it is still in proportion to the other curves and does not extend out of the curvature boundary. For your reference the colours in order are: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Have the black go after the red and the white after the Green. This will mean you have a total of 9 curves.
  • If you want any change to work #8 or #13 just ask.
  • Hi Kusnata, before I can download the source files I need for you to make some changes. 1. please amend design 57 so that you are using the fonts that you have used in design number 58. 2. Please change the layout of the colours so that they are in the same order as the colours of the chakra. The order is as follows: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. 3. When you adjust the colours I would like to see to versions, one with the red as the smallest colour moving into the violet as the biggest following the order and secondly I would like to see a design with the red as the largest colour moving into the violet as the smallest colour. We only have two days left so please attend to this urgently. Many thanks and great job, we are excited about the concept you came up with.