Austin Bin Wash

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Project description

Thank you to all who submitted designs for this contest! We were very impressive with the diversity and creativity of the options. 
We'll be choosing a winner next week (the week of August 8)!

We need a logo to launch a residential garbage bin cleaning company. We'd like the logo to be fresh and modern. This business is very environmentally conscious (using reclaimed/recycled water) so a logo using blue, green and white would be a good fit!

ETA: (July 23) A few additional comments after seeing the first rounds of entries:
* The bin cleaning process for this business if fully automatic. There is no hand/manual washing of the bins.
* I'm looking for fresh and clean colors for this logo and want it to look very modern. Some of the color tones are too light/washed out or too neon.
* "Austin" is being featured prominently in many of the entries. This is the least important aspect of the company name.

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  • I hope and like this design #164
  • I hope and like this design #162
  • Hello @kathyhind this is my design for your company logo. It is easily editable. Hope you like it. #161
  • I hope and like this design #160
  • Austin Bin Wash #158
  • Austin Bin Wash #157
  • I hope your company team also like this design #152
  • I hope your company team also like this design #151
  • I hope your company team also like this design #150
  • Inspired by ''The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai'' #148
  • Here you go! Updated with smaller bubbles. #146
  • This is an 'A' letter and it is rotated to express BIN. #135
  • Really like this design. Could you show me a variation where the bubbles are perhaps just a little smaller? Thanks! #99
  • This design has some great elements. Could you update the bin graphic to be more of a wheelie bin shape? Similar in shape to the bin you have in design #130.
  • I hope you like it ... :) #128
  • I hope you like it ... :) #127
  • I hope you like it ... :) #126

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback, check update pleade #124
  • as requested, on a white background. color can be made more contrast if you so desire!) thank you!) #118
  • I do like some elements of your design. With the bubbles over the bin, it's hard to tell what it is from a glance. Could you modify so that the bin graphic element is a bit more obvious? Thanks! #46