the amount of entries exceeded my expectations. And the quality was outstanding; I could have used 120/130 logos. Definitely will be a returning customer and recommend this to others!


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Winning design #109 by Pixell, Logo Design for autoholisti Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pixell

Project description

Autoholisti -is a Finnish company specialised in importing JDM cars from Japan. "autoholisti" is in Finnish and means autoholic / carholic in english. Logo will also be accessorised in the form of T-shirts, stickers, etc. Mainly promotional usage in the European market.

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  • Hi CH, I am glad you like #52. Could you provide some feedback (if any)?
    • Actually I don't know what to say about the #52. Is that good? ;) I'll ask for my colleagues opinion also, maybe they have something to say

    • I will try few more variations with different sizes of text and speed-clocks, and with/without line around text, to find best/final solution. Any kind of feedback is welcome. Thanks.

    • Hi CH, Here is updated "clean" version #54. I hope you like it!

  • Thank you Joni for a cool appreciation on #51. Could you also put some comments to updates? Best Regards
  • Not bad. Tires, side logo, and red window filling maybe too much, but the wheel arches definitely should stay there and something about that text font just seems weird. I think the font is best in designs #21 #23 #26
    • Thanks for your suggestion, and your suggestion is really helping me because it helped me to design #51. please take a look and also make comments. Regards

  • I think this style of the Capital A just standing out of the rest of the text is nice and clean
    • H! Joni Would you like to have color variation for this logo Best Regards

    • Maybe even make the Capital A different color than the rest? And a red shadowline on the black text would be cool?

    • Hi! Joni check #49.. I have provided you with three color variation for each B/W background.. Regards

  • Text got worse and the wheels/tires really stand out too much to my eye
  • Dear CH! Thanks for your reviews on #27 and #28. Can you please give me some suggestion to make better for you? Regards
    • The fonts I would change and maybe we have seen the most that can be gotten out of the circle+A letter combination, if you know what I mean. I suggest trying something entirely different, maybe even use a silhouette of a Skyline or a Supra and combining that with the fact that "autoholism" is a serious decease like drug addiction

    • Thanks! for the reply. I will work on your suggestion and hope to find something different for you.

    • Hello Joni! I have submitted #41 as per your suggestion, however this is just a raw image but i have submitted this to know about your opinion. So please tell me that what you say about #41. Thanks and Regards

    • Thanks for your consideration. After finalization of #41, I have submitted it as #45 and than #47. And I'll be grateful to you if you suggest me for this. Regards

  • Sorry, still looks so uncool the car. Don't try to get the A letter in the car, it seems to be screwing up the shape pretty badly
  • Idea is good but the car looks like a tractor ;) Maybe a bit more sporty?
    • Hi! Joni Please check #39 roughly tried to make it look more sporty. Let me know if you need more variation of this concept Best Regards

  • Too much filling in the car and the small advertisement text too much for logo-use
  • Sorry, something just bothers me in that too round A -letter. you might want to try something totally different than the A + circle style?
  • Hi CH, Thank you for rating my designs #15, #17, #19, #21. Could you please provide some feedback and I will make changes asap (if any)?
    • I don't even know what to change. Maybe try something totally different. I think that is about good as the A letter style logo can get. Maybe something even wilder, as the term "autoholisti" means almost a similar addiction than alcoholism and drug addiction ;)

    • All right, will think about it and come back to you with a new concept. Thanks.

  • moi joni =) would you mind making this a hidden contest?
  • Sorry, this "pyramid style" A figuring just doesn't light us up.
  • Sorry, but this just feels all wrong. The font and that image just not fit for a company importing sport scars from Japan.
  • Looks nice, almost hitting the spot right on. Don't know what I would change but something is keeping it from hitting the sweet spot perfectly.
  • As most of the imported JDM cars are Supras or Skylines, maybe a tail light view could be cool, with of course the text "autoholisti" or "" being in between the lights like normally would be the text "SKYLINE". That's one that could work?
  • Figure maybe too commonly used with car dealers and something is just not right with the text parts?
  • If we were to use a silhouette, it should be more aggressive, something like that:
  • Maybe a more stripped down to the outlines type of silhouette inside the red ball could look better and be easier to use
  • OK, missing something to be great
    • missing something like other color #75 :) ? ... or u got another idea?