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Winning design #95 by ovfa, Logo Design for Avanti Transportation Services Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ovfa

Project description

I am looking for a company logo for my medical transportation business.  My business is transporting people to and from doctors offices when needed. Avanti in italian means "walk up!, ahead: go ahead!, come in!" I want it to go with that theme.  I am going to use the design on my cars, operating manual, business cards,etc.  Please be creative on the colors.  I want something original. Something that you would not expect from any transportation company. The most unique design is going to win.  I want something people will look at and identify my brand by just a glance.

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  • hii feedback please

    thanks #152
  • About #94, @ovfa
    how do you respond with this changing, thanks
  • feedback please #80
  • another variation with medical sign #79
  • Hi, here are my new entries to your contest. I have tried to use simple and elegant technique, let me know what you think. #76
  • I dont want anything medical incorporated in the designs. #51
    • About #51, @nsho17 i was thinking that the heart beat sign will not have a good effect on patients as well. thanks for the feedback.. will try to come up with some more feasible design..

  • I like your design. If possible give me more options with this design.
  • Too similar to some of the designs i have received. #43
  • About #68,
    Hello CH,
    In this logo we can see an abstract running figure which resembles transportation services. also an abstract "a" for the brand avanti.
    Thanking You,
  • logo design #65
  • kindly check this one CH thanks:) #61
  • hello CH kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you #60
  • Very bland. I want something unique. I like the rounded letters. Dont just focus on the AV for the design. Be creative. The most unique design is going to win. I want something people will look and identify my brand by just a glance. #37
  • Please feedback. I'll try to complete your requirement. #37
  • Please feedback. I'll try to complete your requirement. #36
  • I think I like the looped "a" being a different color. #22
  • I like the color changes. One thing that looks weird is the "T", it looks like its a "r" #31
    • About #31, @nsho17

      I will play with the lettering...sorry I uploaded the same one twice...please ignore.

  • Too much going on with your designs. #25
  • Can you give me more options? You are on the right track. Maybe different colors or associate the the looped arrow within the Avanti #17
    • @nsho17 okay..what's your favorite colors?

  • I like the simplicity of your designs. Please submit a few more ideas. #5