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Winning design #141 by joekong, Logo Design for AVES Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

AVES is mainly a construction contracting company in Baku, Azerbaijan, however serve as a design or project management company also. 

AVES would like to extend its market to Middle East and Eastern Europe, thus we need something that represent strong, modern, serious and not-complicated brand to higher level construction people that used to work international brands. 

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  • Probably this design will be the winner, however I wanna see more alternatives to see different colors and font options. Also, can you have a look to the current logo that I attached to the brief. Can you revize the "A" as it was. One more addition as please add Construction & Project Management subtitle below.
    Thanks #141
    • Thank You. After selected me as the winner, I will submit different colors and fonts to you. Will add tagline below.

  • this is my design....... hope you like it :) #130
  • this is my design....... hope you like it :) #129
  • Please check the design. I understood your brief? If something needs to be changed, please contact me.
  • ACDM-7

    A layout variation of my latest concept (#87) with another sample color scheme and an icon+initial emblem where the swooping eagle is seen crossing the "A" which is laid out in perspective. #88
  • AC&PM-6

    This other new concept features a Golden Eagle instead of the Saker Falcon, here shown crowning the "V" with good graphic balance. #87
  • Ok, I tried to change the font and enter slogan / subtitle,
    Please check...
  • ACDM-5

    This version of my new concept ACDM-4 (#72) features an inverted "AV" combo as you asked, without the 3-strand wing. #84
  • ACDM-4

    Hi, this new concept features a Saker Falcon icon soaring off the text logo, with the 3-strand wing in the "A". #83
  • Also can you please present "A" of AVES as upside version of "V" #6
  • I like the color of the font. However seem better to use colorless bird just with the color of the flag below. Again I need a stronger bird and better font for the subtitle #6
    • About #6, @envererdogan OK, so I see you don't like the hoopoe idea.
      I'll think of something else.

  • Birds and the World.
    Fly to the whole world.
    I am interested in this contest.
    If you want change, I am ready to change immediately.
    Give me feedback.
    Thank. #78
  • Like the logo but can you try with alternative fonts and add construction and project management as subtitle #21
  • I like the colors and fonts however prefer a more "stronger" bird figure. Can you revize the figure? #57
  • thanks #68
  • New construction oriented logo for your business #67
  • another bird's beak/bill logo #61
  • a bird's beak/bill #60
  • how about this one? thx.. #43
  • feedback please, thx.. #38