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Winning design #389 by rajagee, Logo Design for Aviabilety.rf (Airtickets.rf) Contest
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designed by rajagee

Project description

**** UPDATE 31.05.2012 ***** Preferences in Russian traditions, symbols and elements of Russian symbols are welcome, because we stake on our name Авиабилеты.рф, it must represent national color. **** UPDATE 31.05.2012 ***** Aviabilety.rf (Airtickets.rf) - a project allows you to quickly and conveniently organize your trip, we strive to accompany our passengers throughout the journey, offering low prices and a lot of real working services: - Online registration is a simple and very important service which allows passengers to choose the seat on the plane and avoid the lengthy process of registration at the airport. - Interactive map - one of the most important in our view service, acting analogs of Google maps (foursquare), it allows users, for example note the new restaurant on the Champs-Elysées or listen Life on Thursdays at the club on Mendis Avenue. Travelling, mark the places (check in), publish reviews of restaurants, theaters, clubs and other places of interest in leisure activities on-line worldwide. Main activities (services and goods provided): Sale of tickets, providing fast and convenient (useful) services to passengers. Characteristics of the company / brand: - High Quality - Concept - Not like the other; The emotional characteristics of the company / brand: - Calm - Optimistic - Versatile - Positive Competitors: Anywayanyday, onetwotrip (Do not copy their logos please!) Competitive advantages of your company: -unique selection of services -prices The potential target audience for the project are: -young and active 22-25 years -business audience 26-45 years -over 45 Logo and brand identify questions and answers: Should we send a clear logo to the theme of the business or it can be more abstract? To combine abstraction and communicate the basic idea (business topics) It is advisable to write Russian letters, or english? bouth options are possible (English - Aairtickets.rf, Russian - Авиабилеты.рф) Colors: Red, White, Blue (try to use colors from Russian Flag) You may post a sign logo or combined sign with the writing - (sometimes a sign or symbol used instead of letters in writing).

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  • Dear designers!!! thank you for your attention to our company, in the conaction of tendency ( most of you made an accent on letters-name of the company),of logo we dicided to put our task more precisely.Preferenses in Russian traditions,simbols and elements of Russian simbols are welcome,becaurse we stake on our name Авиабилеты.рф,it must reproduse national colour.
  • you didnt make this clear, should the logo said Aviabilety or Airtickets ? and should we incorporate the .rf also?
  • Regarding #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9. Please find my first entries. #5 is a simple logo using the first two letters, which could become easily recognized as a standalone. The others are based on 'Hermes' or 'Mercury' the God of Travel... my interpretations of his winged hat. Kind regards, Liz
  • Dear Ch, Here is my first Entry for you #1 & #2, Hope you like it, any feedback will be appreciable. Thanks & Regards Javed
  • Hi, Please give me an advice or suggestion on how to improve my designs. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, #65 and #66 are the same logos with different orientation. The icon represents the Zhar-ptitsa - the iconic slavic folk symbol and Russian fairy tales' personage.
  • Dear aviabiletyrf thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you like the idea of (matryoshka. I will work in this direction during the day, like you request and submitting new ideas. Best regards
  • Can you please try to make russian letters
  • Dear Gantaisan! Thank you for your ideas, keep working in this way, but try to fill it with more details.
  • Dear Moimeme!We like your idea, and we`d like to see more options in this concept of Russian doll (matryoshka). Impatiently waiting for your ideas!!!
  • dear ch... please check my new entry designs.. hope you will like it.. :) the entries are #31, #34 ,#35 and #39.. may god bless you.. :)
  • I do not know if I did something wrong with the name aviabiletyrf? Best regards
  • Dear aviabiletyrf, Can you tell me if I'm on the right track with (matryoshka) since dropped my score and no new entries have been scored, so do not know if I should continue this evolution or try another approach
  • hi ch, I incorporated the very famous music instrument of russia, the "Balalaika". you can see my work in #88, and #89. Best Regards, alvinnavarra
  • Dear CH, Check out #76 and #75 - revised version of Zhar-ptitsa. Hope you like it.
  • Dear aviabiletyrf thanks for your feedback. See my new entries #82 at #85, in my entries 82, 83 and 84 i improved the passage of the plane and added strategic points on the globe, and put the (matryoshka) next the aviabiletyrf. In my entrie #85 i add more 2 matryoshkas, one symbolizing restaurants, and another live concerts, etc. Any change yor ideia please request. Await your feedback. Best regards
  • dear avaibiletyrf, as you requested.. i posted different font variations with my design included.. if you need anything.. just let me know. regards, alvinnavarra
  • Dear Eximius! In last letter I meant that I wold be grateful for other design variants of your story of Zhar-ptitsa.
  • Dear CH, Could you be more specific? Do you want me to proceed with the same idea of using Zhar-ptitsa or you would like to see smth different? I have already provide you with several concepts. Based on your Brief I made Zhar-ptitsa for you as an icon and mascot which will be very recognizable brand in the future with a proper branding management. If you don't like it at all (the concept itself), I am not going to provide you with other designs anymore due to the different vision of the problem. Sorry, спасибо за неплохой конкурс. Надеюсь вы выбирете что-то стоящее :) Удачи.
  • about #143, and #144 Each of these designs has similar quality, but they do vary quite a bit also. If you would like some of the look or feel from one added to the other just say the word. It has been enjoyable doing some more research on Russia. I have always thought Russia to be a beautiful place and would like to visit some day if I ever get the chance. Best wishes finding the right design. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me.