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Winning design #115 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Avon Creek  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaintedPony

Project description

We are wanting to have a modernized logo for an apartment community called Avon Creek. The new logo will also spur on a new sign for the entrance of the community.

The color scheme should be brighter instead of dark earth tones. The logo should use an icon that represents water. No abbreviations of the of the words should be used as the icon. Also, no skyscrapers, tall buildings, or houses should be used in the logo.

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  • Hello, please check out these entries #131, #132
    Thank you.
  • hi there derekm i posted new versions please see entry #126 #127 also variations of blue from my previous entry check entry #92 please. thanks
  • Hi there~ I revised the colors for my entry #39 to navy, blue and aqua. The aqua water creates the letter 'C' for your company initials. See what you think. #115
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Thank you for your feedback. I made change as your suggestion. Hopefully you will like it. Thanks #106
  • refer to #104 About #105, @n450r1
  • hi derekm, thanks for the feedback. i posted new versions with variations of blue entry #92 also #103 thanks a lot. hope you those.
  • Could you try to use a dark navy for the words Avon Creek and a light blue for the water? #4
    • About #4, @derekm Applying your suggested colors Sir #99

  • We like the concept on this as well, but can you use more of an aqua color scheme. This makes it look more agricultural. #3
    • About #3, @derekm Applying aqua color scheme Sir #98 ...

  • I like this color scheme, could you also try some aquatic colors? #18
    • About #18, @derekm Thanks for the feedback Sir, I've just submitted #97 applying aquatic colors in my http://concept...feel free to comment/suggest in your free time. God bless!

  • let me know if you would like to see any other variations (color, etc.) #91
  • Hope you like. #90
  • About #61, @QUANG Would you be able to get rid of the reflection of the sun? I think that it is just a little distracting. Also could the icon be not so dark? I think a lighter color scheme could help. It looks almost like it is night and a moon.
  • We like the direction that you went with this. Can you try some different variations of blues? #66
  • We like the A symbol. Could you give us some different variations of blue colors? #47
  • Really like this design. Can you move the icon up some and get rid of the Apartment Community at the bottom? #8
  • Please feedback. I will complete your demand fully and pleased. #84
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it. Good luck #83
  • Avon Creek Logo #80
  • I made a new concept. #75
  • Hi... I have submitted " #62 & #67 " designs...
    Please do let met know if you need anymore changes like color, fonts, shape, alignment, also combining my designs/something, etc.... I'am ready to do your works.. Thank You... :)