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designed by Eriyanto

Project description

The top 3 things we would like to communicate through our logo:
1. Precision – this solution assures that companies carry exactly and only what they need to make the most sales possible
2. Ease of use – people who understand the goals of managing inventory, but may not understand the intricacies can use this
3. Assurance – this solution takes the guesswork out how much to stock and when to buy more, owners can rest easy

We prefer an image + text logo style:
• The image should be descriptive of our benefit and/or solution
• Modern
• We should be able to use the image portion of the logo as a branding element: standalone image, app icon, etc. (i.e., the target logo from Target (, the price tag from BestBuy, Skype's clouds, etc.)
• We should be able to reproduce a version of the logo in single color. i.e. black print on cardboard.
• We should get a version for white/light background and an inverted version for dark background

Other info or links to share:
• The overall theme for the website is going to be very fresh, modern, and light. Think white, blues, green, maybe orange or another accent color.
• The website is a cloud demand forecasting and replenishment solution (general category is supply chain management) with big company features at tiny company value.
• Yet, a solution that can grow with the company as it grows.

Our current images, content and taglines may give you some insight into our
• You may never stockout again
• Virtually eliminate stockouts starting today
• No stockouts icon (we'll continue to use this, but it won't be part of the logo)

COLORS: We'll be using this website template at least in the short term, though we may change the colors and are open to color options...

The typical buyer of this product:
• is between 18 and 55 years old
• is an owner or top executive of a small to medium business. (annual volume $500k to $20 million)
• is focused on making sales, generating cash flow and capturing profit.
• may see inventory as a necessary evil and not understand how to manage it
• recognizes that their accounting / ERP solution doesn’t do the job, but they don’t know how to get the job done
• is the owner of a smartphone like iPhone or Android phone.

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  • I'm really looking for something that represents that our precision causes business increase and benefits.
  • HI CH I think this just shows an analogy with your business increases and benefits.
  • I prefer lower case font, also.
  • Hi correpe...I like the cloud concept. The orange will work I think. I'm still thinking of something a bit more descriptive of what we do or the benefit we offer. What we do is manage precisely the inventory our customers need. The benefit is increased sales and profit.
  • HI CH #5. i can change orange for red. Many thanks Correpe
  • Hey all...based on the color palette of the website, let's try to work with or around these colors. #96A114, #1f13a1, #2d2f38, possibly accent with #b0381a or #a11e12.
  • Dear CH, Great job with the briefing. You gave us all a solid direction to go in, and your ideas are conveyed very well. I'm excited for this contest, and I have started my initial concept. I have several ideas, and I will be posting them tomorrow. Thanks for putting the time into the briefing for us! With that kind of direction, you are sure to find what you are looking for from one of the designers on here! Good Luck!
  • Only one design allowed per entry.
  • Hey Koen...I like the text treatment. I get where you're going, but the image doesn't speak to me. I'm looking for something a little more expressive, less subtle. I want to be able to have the image alone identify us and I just don't see that here. Love the text on the tagline, but for now let's focus on the text and image. Maybe we'll come back to adding the tagline.
  • Bos
    Dear Contest Holder, I liked your briefing a lot. It was very clear and I had all the information I needed. I went with a clean and minimalistic look. I think this will suit your new website well. The "," visualizes the precision, where "123" stands for the ease of use. the pictoral mark is also a direct refference to the company's name. Please let me know what you think of it. Yours Sincerely, Koen Bos
  • I'm excited to see what we get. There is so much talent in this community! I'm very impressed by the examples I've seen.
  • Hi CH,,, This is my revision. Background color graphics using a green bar, and Colom on my air revision to blue. Trying to give a white trim on the blue column to the column can be seen clearly in color. Thanks :)
  • I like the variations on your original design more. Let's stay with that direction. Thanks for putting so much into this.
  • Like the font. Lighten the blue for the cloud. Reminds me slightly of a pollution cloud.
  • Let's see this in blue and green. Not a fan of the swoop line. Anything else come to mind?
  • Let's see a revision of this one with the colors exactly as is, except instead of white bar graph on the green background, I'd like to see a variation with the bar graph blue on the green background and one with orange on the blue background.
  • Still deciding whether I prefer this font.
  • 55, 56 and 57 all great revisions. Let's see a revision that: Has the text and cloud shading from 57,and the colors of 55, but with the original image shape/size from 11 (I like the proportions of that one best)
  • Too cartoony
  • Hey I really like this one! Let's try a different text. Let's see a couple revisions, one with the bar graphs blue and another with them green.