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Winning design #485 by jjyepez, Logo Design for Awesome new Startup needs a rocking logo! Are you the one to give to us? Contest
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designed by jjyepez

Project description

Our logo must be funky and friendly. We want that the logo represents the fact that evynt enables to highlight events everywhere in the world. We want that people who need to promote an event think "if I publish my event on, it will be visible to the world" . In other words, we want an awesome logo!

Keep in mind that we are a web startup. We will launch a mobile app ASAP. So we need a traditionnal logo to put on our web site and our commercial documents,..., but also a favicon and a squarred logo for app store or android market.

We want a character & the text "evynt" written to the right. The character should be a simple, recognizable but funky. Twitter has a logo we like.

I have posted some ideas of characters in my comments to designers.

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  • fresh funky and crisp, this logo design character incorporates a gesture that is well know worldwide for good times, while the font is modern, edgy and sharp. Can be varied/revised in regards to colour/s and shape format.
  • I provided a logo that is funky and fun. I am happy to amend after receiving feedback if I am going in the wrong direction.
  • stone, there's no "e" after the "y" in "evynt"
  • This submission is a proposed icon variant of #58 or #57.
  • About #52 Hi CH :) . The font I used is atomic radio, this font or rather the element is commonly seen in sound systems in events, parties so even if you use the "e" as the favicon the viewer will have a hint. I use orange because its vibrant and signifies energy.the roaming signal signifies bringing the people the event and also about internet. hope you like it :)
  • This "e" highlighting the world behind is interesting but it looks weird to have 2 different fonts. What's more,I find the result a bit too "dark". There are some good ideas.
  • I dont like the font specially the "v". I think it's more interesting to play with the "y". There are some good ideas in the character. All in red looks a bit agressive
  • really good idea to play with the "y". Tks to be the first one! But I am not a big fan of the 2 fonts & colors. It doesnt correspond to our funky concept.
  • it's simple & nice but we need to go further.
  • About #40 and #42 the 'e' can act as a favicon. The arrow represents a computer mouse arrow and the online nature of your business, and also develops ideas of traffic and site views, further encouraging people to share on the website.
  • About #35 I used exclamation marks to create a pattern/icon and it looks i bit like bars that are used on volyme displays. you can make this in different gradient fills and shadings to make a more glossy feel. It can be used by its own when recognized. The font i have modified, the v, y and n are base on the same shape. I dont know if its rocknroll enough? Best regards /STHLM
  • This logo will be very recognisable and is also easy to display as a mobile app and a favicon and is also good printed on anything you requrie it to go on.
  • Please ignore the typo. I have submitted another ( #18) same concept but with another colour added to its tone.
  • a familiar looking, but custom smiley as a period after the word, spreading the word about evynt in the same way that evynt spreads the word about events. happy to mess around with font and color and whathaveyou if you like the premise of the idea.
  • Hi D4U, Not so Bad, but not funky enough. Maybe color + font look like something too "serious".But the global is not bad. I am not sure caps is the best choice in our case. Idem for vinibo with #2, global result is nice looking but not sure the font matches well with our "rock n roll" concept.
  • D4U
    Hi sir, Have a look at my entry #6. Thank you.
  • Evynt is with a "y" not a "i"
  • Thanks Taco2575. Regarding the design, we don't like the font, the blue frame & the global result. Regarding the idea, that's not funky & original enough. Regarding the text, only "evynt" must appear so no additionnal letters like your "e". but maybe this is not a part of your logo? Cheers, Stephane
  • I included a globe element to convey the international aspect. Also, a "pointer" you can use to highlight your events on a map, a'la Google's "Pin".
  • CH, #151, and #147 are the newer designs. 151 has like a event planner feel to it. Hope you like it! Thanks