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Winning design #109 by daniel258, Logo Design for AWP Ltd. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by daniel258

Project description

The management team at AWP has shifted. A passing of the torch, if you will. The new team is much younger, and is hoping to take the company in an exciting new direction. 

That being said, we want a new logo to symbolize this transition. Our previous logo was a little 'by the book', and now we are looking for something a little 'higher energy'. What we visualize is somewhat of a two-parter: a mark we can use alongside a treatment of our initials. That way we can use the mark on it's own, or alongside our initials.

In addition, a lot of our products have been wire products in the past, hence the name 'Advance Wire Products Ltd.', however, we've shifted away from wire products recently. We don't want to be stuck known as a 'wire company'. We are a custom store fixtures company. Therefore we prefer to use AWP rather than Advance Wire Products.

We also would like to emphasize the service portion of what we offer. We are not a catalog company; we create custom products from single displays, all the way up to designing entire departments for the largest retailers in North America. 

Our industry is: merchandising, service, manufacturing 

Our clients are:
Large grocery chains
Major retailers
Construction and Procurement in these companies
Department heads
If we were to describe our brand we'd say:

If your brand was a person, they'd look like:
Young professional (under 40)
Articulate, well put together
Dressed 'business casual' 

If we were to include any symbols they'd be:
Maybe include 'wood, wire, metal, plastic', as icons or incorporated into logo
Maybe updated version of stylized A, with 'Awp' below

We'd like a trademark of some kind... See Adobe, uber, under armour, BP, LG, Boeing, Lockheed Martin etc.

Here are some logos we like:
Uber - like the design of the iconography
Adobe - nicely stylized and iconic
Kraken realtime - nicely stylized type
Millder - nicely stylized type
New hp logo - nicely stylized type, 
Lookman - individual elements that created a recognizable picture
Tentree - nice use of text and symbol
Oakley - simple and stylized 

Best looking, and most successful logos seem to be very simple, easy to recognize icon

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  • Thank you everyone for your entries, I will be sending the voting out to our enterprise this afternoon, and will release any comments as they come in.
    • @AdvanceWire Thank you. Interesting side note, I am also from Vancouver, BC. Know your company quite well. Drive by it all the time. Good luck finding your new look. James M.

    • @AdvanceWire - you should read:

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  • Please feel free to check out this delivery, thank you. #268
  • if you want me change color i'll do it. #222
  • another idea :
    that logo say :
    -Leader #220
  • if you want me change the color,, i can do it. just give me revision sir. #219
  • feedback please,.. #191
  • please feedback and guidance ..thanks to cooperation #190
  • Hi @AdvanceWire , feedback please #176
  • Hello @AdvanceWire ,
    check this... #166
  • Hello @AdvanceWire ,
    check this... #165
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    check this.. #144
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #136
  • please checked,thanks. #111
  • how my design ? #101
  • hello @AdvanceWire ,
    I tried to include all of your needs to this logo.
    Hope you will like it.
    If you want any change please let me know.

    --RaviyaaLabs-- #92
  • please checked,thanks #82
  • please checked,thanks. #81
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  • Hi CH,
    My name is James. I'm a freelance graphic designer with 2 years of experience in advertising companies from 2014. Logo design and branding is one of my passion in designing.
    I have a design for a company that you want. if you like with my design please me suggestion. I definitely would improve my design fit you send feedback.
    Thank you for your attention and cooperation