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Winning design #285 by Nazmul_Islam, Logo Design for Axcent Capital Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Nazmul_Islam

Project description

I am looking for a simple, yet clever/subtle way to display Axcent Capital.  My initial thought is a modern, minimalistic logo in front of the name, but open to ideas.  We do want a strong looking brand. We tend to favor deep colors, often Blues... but also open to ideas.  Axcent Capital is in the financial industry and a higher end feel is important.

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  • Less is more #303
  • Sir if you needed anything please
    feel free inform me.
  • please checked,thanks. #293
  • please checked it,thanks. #289
  • mb1
    Love it. Can you please use a thinner font for PRIVATE CAPITAL (LIKE YOUR DESIGN #207). Thank you! #285
  • hi, @mb1 If you have any idea regarding this logo I stand at your disposal.thank you.
    Regards #64
  • mb1
    Great design. Can you please add PRIVATE to CAPITAL. And add a curved lined separating AXCENT and PRIVATE CAPITAL? The curved line maybe a light gray color? If you can see all of the designs - #151 has a curve. Thanks making a final decision this morning. #207
  • Logo Design.

    Hope you like it.

    Thanks. #209
  • Simple and Attractive logo... #201
  • Simple and Attractive Logo.... #200
  • its a very simple modern logo ,
    please give a feedback and rate , thanks. :) #199
  • This improvement of delivery of # 119, if I still need to improve, to change others, simply for the feedback, thank you.
  • Thank you for the feedback, this improvement of # 137, the word PRIVATE CAPITAL, I created a larger, if I need to try bigger ?, I await your response, thank you. #160
  • Please check my work sir. thank you #62
  • mb1
    Thank you so much for all your work! We are getting close. Can go with the A on this one, and make an additional version just like it but with the font on the Private Capital a tiny bit bigger? #151
  • please check my design. thanks #157
  • mb1
    And please remove the loop on this version as well. Normal X, thank you. #118
  • mb1
    Could you please remove the loop from the X and make it a normal X? But keep the dark accent on the E. Thank you. #138
  • mb1
    Would it be possible to change the first letter to a traditional A? Thanks you. #131
  • Thank you for the feedback, I tried to answer your response, please to be checked, whether like this? thanks. #133