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Great Job!!!! it was very fun!!!

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Winning design #39 by the_yellowmortar, Logo Design for AZ Street Custom Contest
Gold Medal

designed by the_yellowmortar

Project description

Create a logo which can be used for website as well as print materials such as business cards, literature and t-shirts.  Prefer CMYK to keep colors consistent.  Preferred colors would include:  Red, Black, Grey, White.

The Logo will needs to be a stand alone as well as able to place above a vehicle image with a frame that runs through the logo and around the image (example provided.)

We are looking for old meets new.  Classic car restoration and nostalgic feel type font merging into a new sleek modern font to represent today's vehicles. "AZ Street" for the modern font and "Custom" in a nostalgic or old school font.

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  • About #34, @the_yellowmortar
    We will need this also in a single color vector file for promotional items. Can you please provide a sample of what this will look like as a single color ? I assume the black in the center will be switched to a transparent background and all other elements can be represented in a single color such as black or grey?
  • About #34, @the_yellowmortar
    Almost there ! can you make paint stripping sharp in the corners please.
    And make the same desing with out red
    paint stripping ,I like to see how it look
  • can you make AZ STREET litle bigger Thanks #28
  • can you make car siluette white #28
  • About #28, @the_yellowmortar
    This is the way needs to look ;
    AZ Street ; new font in red and little bigger words to balance space.
    Custom ; new font in Chrome
    Car Siluette ; Chrome
    Badge and flames; Chrome
    Out side Badge and flames paint stripe ; Red.
    Thank you soo much!!!!
  • About #28, @the_yellowmortar
    Ok I like it good job Thanks! please
    make one more change; Make it all silver chromen like the original design and
    just change the Old AZ Street to the new
    AZ Street in red.
    Put a out side of the badge a . paint stripe or shadow on red .
    Separate the car siluette and
    custom word from AZ Street
    just a little
  • On AZ Street custom can you try the fond Capella Bo Itallic and Racing Sam one #14
  • I like this one,but I like to try a different fond options on AZ Street only,and add red color on AZ Street to make it pop up and a out line on the badge and flames on red as well.Thank you do doing a great job! #14
  • Can you show this is in a single color version? Some promo items will require a single color... #20
    • @AZSTCustom Great call on the color. Here is the layout with a border and without. Thanks #23 #24

  • @AZSTCustom I made some adjustments to the logo. Thanks
  • @AZSTCustom I adjusted the logo with "custom" and changed the script. I appreciate the rating. Thanks
  • @AZSTCustom About #16 #17 Is there something I could add or adjust on the logo to bring it closer to your vision? Thanks
  • Can we see a version of this with heavier wings and a red background ? #14
  • Can you please add some color to the flames? Or highlights to add dimension... #14
  • Change font please on the word CUSTOM #14
  • Like the white wall tires! Can you change font on CUSTOM to have a more classic feel? Perhaps also make the black of the tire thicker? Can you make AZ Street bigger? #7
    • @AZSTCustom Thanks. I have made the changes you requested and submitted #12 which includes two other colour variations to consider. Regards, Glen.

  • Can you change the font on CUSTOM to have a more classic car feel? Also can you incorporate a chrome feel of dome kind? Perhaps the Z could look like chrome? #8
    • of course, at a time sending the new image.

      thank you for considering my design.

  • Can you submit a logo where the AZ STREET looks like it is chrome or even a font that resembles rivets or welding? Would also like to see on a white background. #1
    • @AZSTCustom Thanks for the feedback. #2 is on white background. #3 and #4 show "AZ Street" in chrome. Will work on your other suggestions. Regards, Glen.

  • SIDE NOTE: Like the CORVETTE font that has the letters connected.
  • If possible, would like to see a car part of some kind incorporated into design. Gear shift in the Z of AZ or T of STREET. A symbol within the logo that can be a stand alone image to recognize the company.