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Winning design #242 by SaurabhB, Logo Design for Azu Contest
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designed by SaurabhB

Project description

I'm looking for a DJ logo. This would be something that would go on my soundcloud (such as a cover photo/ profile picture). It would be nice to have my name in the logo. I make/play a variety of music, but i most do House and Trap. My absolute favorite artist at the moment is Electric Mantis, so something that is maybe inspired by what you feel when you listen to his music/ I want my logo to be like something you would see in a dream, with a kind of glitchy/surreal aspect to it. Kind of like a Salvador Dali or Van Gogh feel to it. Here are a couple of pictures I have found on Reddit that describe some of the types of theme and color schemes I like. The description may seem kind of vague, so just email me if you have any questions!

This is my favorite of all the links above. It's a poster I have that's really awesome looking IMO. A logo looking like this would be really cool:

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