B Sting Hot Sauce

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Winning design #6 by margus, Logo Design for B Sting Hot Sauce Contest
Gold Medal

designed by margus

Project description

Looking for a bottle label for a new hot sauce called B Sting. The sauce will be offered in a fast-casual type restaurant Burrissimo. Label is 3X3. Label needs to work with company logo "B" attached. Should be modern yet show the sauce has heat. Also need copy on lable includes: Sweet & Spicy Hot Sauce. Attached files: Current logos, sample GiftCard

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  • The hot sauce in the bottle is deeper red so the label will need to contract more. Like the graphic, how about something like our gift card gradient color I attached in the files. White font add a bit of black somewhere
  • Dear CH, would you please be able to give me feedback on #4 to see if im going in the right direction etc Cheers J22TYR
  • http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-illustration-9358508-angry-bee.php Cliparts are not allowed. Please, read our guidelines carefully!
  • I have made the alterations you suggested, #10 (reversed the colours from my orignal submission to contract the label and give definition between sauce & label.) #11 (used your gradient from the gift card supplied as you asked, I added some noise to also give some definition between sauce & label again.) Hope you like & as always feedback is welcome and I will be will to make further alterations if you wish... Thanks J22TYR
  • Hi CH, Please check my design #40 and give a feedback Thank you.
  • hiii CH .. please look for all my entry and give feedback .. i hope you like it .. best regards, arzakil
  • Hi CH Any feedback would be welcome. It will help the designers.
  • Hi CH. With only one logo scored is there really any point in anyone else submitting logos?
  • Remove top Burrissimo banner and copy Label color too clse to product in bottle, need more contrast. Go with lighter orange/yellow Create border in black
  • Remove arrow tail from "g" Outline lagel and make more yellow/orange so it pops from the bottle. The product in the bottle is close to this color.
  • Move "B" to the left of STING Change color of label, as this current color blends with the suace in the bottle ADd black REmove Copy about Burrissimo in right corner
  • Dear CH, here #114 are the changes suggested by you and for your appreciation. Thank you.
  • Also please see #112 and #113. Wanting to keep it fun, noticeable from either close up or far away, and slightly elegant maintaining the beautiful color scheme which reminds me greatly of Italy. Im trying to stay clear from a "Honey Nut Cheerios" look. Thanks! Dina
  • CH, About # 111. Hi there! wanted to explain the idea behind my design concept for your identity logo. I decided to go with a lightly stripped background to symbolize the "Bee" without using an actual bee icon. I also wanted to show you the label on a background similar to the contents within the sauce bottle. Hopefully this will help you see close to finishing product. I will await any additional feedback you may have and am glad to make any changes. :) Thanks! Dina
  • Have we been abandoned? :( :( Seems like we are forgotten here....