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Winning design #183 by ross, Logo Design for B.I.G Inc Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ross

Project description

Bani International Group Inc is looking for a corporate logo to reflect our companies image. Our main areas of business are international investments, import/export and manufacturing. Objectives: - B I G inc should be prevalent in the logo - Our global aspirations should also be presented. - Only use flat colors and no more then 2 but 1 if possible.

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  • BIGinc, I just revised the color on my design.... see #38 Thank you, DM
  • Dear CH The puzzle part was intended to give the idea of the "more parts" your business has: investments, import/export and manufacturing, and the puzzles were put together into the shape of a globe... that was the idea. I work on another one. Regards
  • the puzzle reminds me of a logistics or solutions provider
  • Hi CH I saw that you are open to some gradient fading, so here is a concept using this technique. #28 Regards
  • I really like this concept and the symmetry of it. Could you try this in a dark blue color
  • sorry the concept i don't like
  • sorry i don't like the concept
  • Hi BIGinc, I have just submitted #20.... Thank you, DM
  • The G looks out of place
  • don't understand the concept and the double america continent
  • the words are too big and the map is too small
  • love the concept, i like the bottom left color scheme. could you experiment with different variations of the size of the globe.
  • I think the globe is too dominant in this design and first thing i can think about is recycling when i look at the logo
  • I get the import/export aspect of the business but I don't see any global aspirations in this logo
  • I like the concept but maybe not use as much space between the letters an cutout the shape of the globe out of the letters themself.
  • I really like the color and concept of using the globe to make the G. I was wondering if we could try to fill in the G to make it the globe but to position the continents in a way to make the letter G out of the continents itself instead of using a cutout.
  • Hi CH My entry is #12. 2 colors. flat. Please provide some guidance or feedback. Regards Andrei
  • Dear CH, About my entry (#10), There are two arrows going to the other end of the circle which symbolizes import and export. I tried to make it minimal as well as modern by avoiding more elements. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  • Thank you for the feedback. I have resubmitted #'s 5 & 6 for your review. One color with different opacities.
  • I like the dark blue you used in the design. Could we try a variation with a solid dark blue and in another variation could you please add periods between B.I.G