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Winning design #16 by Dinamic, Logo Design for B4B CRM Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dinamic

Project description

By definition, B4B stands for Business for(4) Business, where businesses are working for their business customers as opposed to simply selling to them. In a nutshell, it's the idea that businesses don't want to be sold a product (or “solution”) – they want to achieve a specific outcome.  The old term of B2B (Business to(2) Business is now becoming obsolete.  While the rest of the world looks at B4B as Business 4 Business, in our application, B4B actually stands for Best 4(for) Business.

In our use, CRM stands for Commercial Relationship Management.  This is a cloud-based software application that will be used by a sales/marketing team that has commercial customers as their clients.

So, B4B CRM, is a cloud based Best 4 Business Commercial Relationship Management tool. The product is currently under development.

We will need the winning logo (or variations thereof) to work within the following size parameters (and I'll attach a jpg file someplace to show you exactly what sizes we need).

120 pixels wide x 120 pixels tall (application logo)
140 pixels wide x 30 pixels tall (page logo)
16 pixels wide x 16 pixels tall (favicon)

Initially, this application will be marketed to the Fleet & Commercial automobile industry. 

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