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Winning design #44 by redlogo, Logo Design for Başarı Telematik Contest
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designed by redlogo

Project description

What we want? We need a logo for our new company Başarı Telematik Sistemler San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. (“Başarı Telematik”). We want to feel "the energy and the speed" from the logos. Turkish writing of Basarı Telematik are "Başarı Telematik" and BAŞARI TELEMATİK". What is Başarı Telematik on? Basari Telematik will be dealing with vehicle telematics business; mainly with digital tachygraphy systems, fleet management, ITS solutions, electronic toll collection system, etc. We want to feel the energy and the speed from the logos. Telematics, in a broad sense, is any integrated use of telecommunications with information and communications technology. It is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects, such as vehicles, via telecommunication devices. We can simply define vehicle telematics a way of monitoring the location, movements, status and behavior of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. Telematics includes but is not limited to Global Positioning System technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems. GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones, wireless safety communications and automatic driving assistance systems all are covered under the telematics umbrella. The parties involved are; From the public side; Legislative Bodies –like EU-UN-EU and non EU member states-, Enforcement Bodies –police, etc.-, Type Approval and Certification Bodies From the commercial side; vehicle manufacturers, drivers, fleet owners, tachograph manufacturers, smart card manufacturers for the system, distribution channels, workshops to install and periodic checks of the units. Basari Telematik will also launch products in the ITS -intelligent transportation systems-, electronic toll collection systems, related smart phone applications, etc.

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  • Hi CH I submitted #16 and #17 for your consideration. Let me know what you think Andrei
  • The correct writing in Turkish is "BaÅŸarı Telematik". Would you please correct and send afterwards. Thanks.
  • The correct writing in Turkish is "BaÅŸarı Telematik". Would you please correct and send afterwards. Thanks.