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Winning design #21 by Biker, Logo Design for Baby Care Advice logo and header Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Biker

Project description

I am planning to remodel my website with a completely new look. The website enables parents to book a consultation to receive advice regarding well baby care problems. I would like an original logo; and the bane if the website 'Babycare Advice' in the banner. Perhaps include the words 'Where you can receive practical parenting advice'. The rest I will leave up to the designer.

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  • Hi Rowena, please find the new update as #14 and #15 (with such variation), and tell me more about variations, you need. Thanks
  • Thanks Biker. This is my favourite so far. However, I would like to wait until the end of the competition to see what I think about other designs.
  • Hello IndiaFX Its still not quite right. Perhaps if just the first letter was a capitol and the rest lower case and without the shadow line and extra logo as an dot on the i.
  • Hi Rowena, here I put my design without the strip down #13. Just as I will create a new version with more style header. If you want any changes, let me know.!!
  • Dear Ch, Please find my updates #12, I hope you will like, and please don't forget for your feedback, because I think "After Each Perfection, there is also a room for Updates" Thank you and have a nice day Kind Regards India Fx
  • About #7 Thank you CH, thank you very much for your kind consideration and rating too. I will give you the best as per my thoughts and also as per your need. And if you are online then please give me 20 minutes, I will give you the updates. Kind Regards India FX
  • I like the logo, the lay out and they way you have coordinated the color of the logo with the text, and the colour at the end. However the front style looks a little harsh for what I am looking for. Is it possible for you to use a different font to soften the look? Also is it possible to change the text around the logo to 'Find solutions to your well baby care problems'. Thanking you.
  • Hello Biker Could you please resubmit without the mauve part at the bottom?
  • Hello Fesa I haven't got any particular color in mind as yet. Ir the color is not right I can look past this and focus on the design. If the color of the design I chose is not right I will make a decision at that point and ask the designer to change this.
  • Hello IndiaFX Thanks for the tips. I was not aware that there was a limit. I will review.
  • CH hey, can you tell the background color of your website? so I can adjust the color of the text and logo. tq
  • Dear CH, Thanks for your nice comments. If you really liked my designs than please give some review and rating, because I can upload maximum three designs without review(minimum 30 points) and two has been submitted. I hope you understands. Thanks you Kind Regards India FX
  • Hello Biker. I very much like this design. Thank you. Rowena
  • Hello IndiaFX. This would work well as header now. Thank you for resubmitting. Regards Rowena
  • Hello Hongxia This is a cute design but not what I am looking for. I would like a more serious tone for the logo and header for my website. Regards Rowena
  • Dear CH, #9 is logo design draft, #10 is the banner design. Let me know if work for you. Thanks, Hongxia
  • Dingbats are not allowed for logos, all logs are to be created 100% your own work and creation
  • Hello Sir! Thank you for your waiting, please find the My Re-designed work #7, and give your kind suggestions and feedback. Please ...
  • Perhaps around 50-70 percent wider than the header on this page.
  • Thank you very much, please wait for some moment I re upload the updates and one thing more can I tell me the size of Banner at your website?