Baby swimming classes needs a fun young design

I have received all my final files, and I am very pleased with my finished product, I know it was a little bit of a journey but your support line has been great. I would thoroughly recommend your site.

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Winning design #42 by nicolets , Logo Design for Baby swimming classes needs a fun young design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nicolets

Project description

I need a fun but simple logo and would like to consider using a yellow duck, maybe incorporated into the name. I write the name as follows 'BabySplash' perhaps the 's' could be made into a duck ?? with blue writing. Open to ideas

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  • #12, my initial design. The blocks help represent the child part of the logo without making the logo to busy.
  • You are not allowed to use clipart the art you used is found here
  • Am I allowed to rebuild the ducks by myself? so I did.. Yellow Ducks are universal clip arts, they look all the same and are required in this contest.. Can you delete this draft and kindly allow me to reupload the same concept with "my" ducks? My second draft was deleted?
  • yoiu are not allowed to use clipart, the ducks you used are found here
  • dear ch please view my design #52 but there is a mistake in design #50 by mistaken i typed slpash Instead of Splash thanks.
  • Hello CH... good evening.. thank you very much for the great feedback about my entry.. the revised design is in draft 42.. thank you...
  • HI again, the changes are good, but could you make the lettering of 'baby' same size as 'splash'
  • Please ignore this comment...... 37, same as 12 with duck reversed.
  • #36 Please let me know what you think about this idea! If any changes are needed let me know. Thanks
  • I did not like the font or the shape of the duck.
  • HI Wheirhoe 2, I like your design, but would like you to make a few changes. Please could you add a little definition to the body of the duck, like a wing. 2) Please could you make the word Baby slightly more visible by dropping the duck slightly and curving the splash word round the bottom of the duck .
  • Background not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Dear ch please view design #74. It is clean, fun and fresh.
  • one design/one version only in an entry and no mockups in logo contests
  • dear ch Please view logo design entry #79 Please Feedback Thanks
  • backgrounds are not allowed.
  • HI Wheirhoe25 , Thank you for your design, I like the concept very much, I also fell in love with the style of duck on Vanya yo, and would like something similar, more cute? could you revise the duck please.
  • clipart is not allowed
  • Hello CH... Please give me 2 more hours... i am now going back home... just give 2 more hours... as soon as i got home i will send the revised design.. please...