BackFin Systems Inc.

I am thrilled with the out come, all of the feedback I provided was quickly handled. Thank you Design Contest. I intend to use you again and to recommend you.


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Winning design #216 by ReeyDesigns, Logo Design for BackFin Systems Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ReeyDesigns

Project description

We are a web based quality assurance, and organization system. Our primary customer is public safety, police departments, Fire departments and hospitals. We are looking for something that can but does not require out name on it. We are currently using a shark fin and waves we would like it enclosed similar to Firefox's logo. A full Shark is also in play but with a dominate BackFin. We are open to anything as long as a shark fin is involved. The more creative the better. The colors below are optional too, those are just the kinda thing we like, also hex #102372 is our current primary color. You are the creative one's, go for it.

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  • I think that the original logo and colors are missing. As soon as you can provide those i'll be on my way using them as a foundation to build upon
    • Sorry about that, I just uploaded out original logo. I'm looking for something more 3d or more I don't know, I just feel like it's missing something. Thank you

  • Hi please share some feedback about my professional logo design #98 .
  • I really like this one and #86. can you open the top of the circle or make the shark fill the circle. i feel like there is some open space that may look good filled. It may not work, your the artist. Thank you for your submissions
  • It looks good, can you do something with the shark to make it have highlights or something, the direction is unclear.
  • Looking good. Any chance you can work the new green in? Keep up the good work.
    • hi dave, here's the version of my design, incorporating green #94. thank you

  • Really liking the addition. Keep up the good work.
  • Like this a lot. Could you try a flat color scheme and a different font? Keep up the good work.
  • Like the shark a lot. Could you try some different fonts? Keep up the good work
  • Can you give me a version that is flat colors. and one that will go on a black or dark background please.
    • hi dave, here some versions with possible color options for dark & light backgrounds #80 & #81. i hope you like it. thank you

  • Can you do this with a flat color base, no shine to it. I really like it as is. but this will be a embroidered and just want to make sure it holds up Thank you.
  • Can you do this color shark with the green from #61.
  • Also can you toy with the new green, I really like this look, i just want to mess with colors i think
  • Very nice, can you try something with the green, the newer green
  • Every time i see one of yours I like it more, can you thikin the font maybe. I do like the solid colors too. It looks very good thank you for doing that.
  • Outstanding! Love the logo, nice think font. Can you add some some color go a green perhaps. also minor correction, BackFin, with a capital F. but very nice!
  • Great job on #64 and #65. I really enjoy the logo. Just out of curiosity are you able to make the remaining circle part solid. I love the depth but am concerned about difficulty embroidering it. Just wondering how it looks solid color. If it doesn't look good I think i can still make it work. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • I like it very much! If your willing, we are kind of thinking maybe some green somewhere. It may not work, but if you have an ideas. Also the "Systems Inc." portion. Is there anyway you can show some separation. As is, fantastic job, and thank you for your submission.
  • Hi Please share some feedback #66 hope you like it
  • I like it all very much, great font and spacing now, can you show me it in the green you were using before also. Thank you!
  • I like it still very much. The bottom one on the black, that needs something different. lighter colors, or accents.