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I was extremely impressed with the amount of entries. A lot to choose from just for adding a few extra dollars to the prize. Thanks!

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Winning design #524 by GAKA, Logo Design for Backlund Law Firm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

All these designs are great!  I appreciate all your work.  Please don't remove anything as I haven't even made it through all the entries yet.  That said, I think I might like to see a few more logos that don't focus on the initials BLF.  A few of the ones with initials are still definite possibilities - but I would just like to see a couple options.  One idea I had, was to use two hands interlocked at the wrist.  I am uploading a photo below.  I don't necessarily want those exact photos (no hearts) - not sure I even like them specifically - but I like the idea of two hands interlocked at the wrist.  It conveys the help I'd like to provide for people still making them look strong.  Anyway, if some people want to play with that, it might work for me.  I think I would prefer the interlocking wrists at an angle that is more horizontal or slightly angled - not vertical like the helping hands logo.   Still open to other ideas that might convey the same type of message.  

I also thought I'd add this to the description:  The logo should immediately suggest to the client the following: integrity, mid-career, highly intelligent, savvy, powerful,  lawyer and a professional legal practice.    

I appreciate some of the fun and out there ideas but I think this needs to be a little more mainstream so as to not turn anyone off who might want to hire us.  I thought all the ideas incorporating a pregnant woman or a wheel chair were cute but not where I want to go with this.  

Also, as much as I would like to provide you all feedback, I am receiving hundreds of entries and simply can't write you all back about what I liked and didn't like.  If I like your design and think it is close, I will certainly give you feedback and work with you to get it the last step.  Thanks!  

Original Description: I need a logo for a small firm specializing in plaintiff's employment law.  Initially, I will be marketing to pregnant women and individuals with disabilities.  The logo will appear on business cards, letter head and the website.  

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  • Can you do it without the heart (maybe a circle) and on the left side instead? Maybe the hands at a tad more of an angle (a little more horizontal?)
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