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Winning design #83 by libbyelliott, Logo Design for Backyard Harvest Contest
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designed by libbyelliott

Project description

Logo design for new company. Backyard Harvest is an organic produce gardening service. We are similar to a traditional landscaping/lawn care service, but instead of taking care of grass and shrubs, we design, build and maintain organic food gardens for our customer's personal consumption. We do all the work of setup and gardening and our customers enjoy the benefits of fresh, organic produce grown in their own yard, just for them. Some of the ideas and emotions we would like the logo to communicate are, fresh, organic, healthy, food safety, trust, convenience, variety, wellness, fun and excitement, etc.

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  • Can you elaborate on how many and/or what colors you are wanting?
    • Regarding number of colors, I expect the logo will also be used as a single color version as well so regardless of the number of colors in a full color version, the final design would have to also be able to translate somehow to single color and still read appropriately. As far as color specifics, I don't really have any, but would think of the colors you would find in fresh produce and nature would make the most sense.

  • I like where you're going with this and the idea of the knives and forks as a fence. I would like to see a version where the words are made the same length with no overhang of the B and D from word backyard.
    • I just uploaded the logo with the changes you requested #31 Thanks!

    • I noticed you like the really colorful logos. However i would be a bit cautious about them because the more colors the logo is, the more expensive and/or hard it is to print or incorporate into your merchandise and advertisements. I work in a screen printing and embroidery company so i know first hand of the expense these colorful logos would cost (A LOT!). Most screen printers can only print 5-6 colors (depending on the garment color) and most embroiderers can only get 9 thread colors in a logo. The most common number of colors is about 2. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can make an educated decision.

  • I'm not sure if it was what you are going for, but in the small version, it kind of looks like a squirrel. Clever, but they're one of the critters we try to keep out of the garden. Zooming in, I like the inclusion of all the various fruits and vegetables, it definitely coveys the idea of produce. However, the images themselves seem a bit too cartoonish, I'm thinking of something a bit more stylized if that makes sense?
    • Thank you for your feedback. You are correct the fruits and veggies are arranged to look like a squirrel. Even though the squirrel isn't a gardener's best friend, I'm brainstorming ways to represent the "backyard" aspect of your business, without using a house. I have a few more ideas. Thanks again for your feedback. :)

  • #22 - I attempted to use many fruits/veggies as well as a simple house to illustrate the idea of your company. Currently, the design is flat (no shading/highlights), as it is already complex with the number of items involved. Feedback is greatly appreciated and heeded.
  • I like the idea around this one with the fence, etc., but to me, the tools possibly convey the work of gardening to the customer, which is what we will be doing. To me, the images of the rake, and watering can just reinforce the reasons most folks don't garden, which is all the work involved.
    • which tools you like to use? or tools which the company uses ? to modify the logo, thanks :)

  • I definitely like the forks with the leaves on them. However, I'm not feeling that particular font, it just seems a bit too boxy. Similar to #11, I also would like to see it with the words made the same length with no overhang.
  • I like the rolling green fields and sky in the background. I know I said in the brief about food safety, so I think I know where you were headed, but the lock itself just doesn't really work for me. Also, the leaves look more like wheat, which is more akin to traditional production farming, not home grown produce like tomatoes, carrots, etc.
  • I like how you captured a house on this. Of the two I'm more drawn to the bottom version with the sunset as it feels a bit warmer.
  • I like the simplicity of this one as well as capturing both a house and produce. I would be interested to see a version that also had things growing upward and not just hanging down. Also, one of the hanging things looks like an apple which we're not really focused on fruit trees. I would maybe want to see it look like a strawberry, which we will be doing.
  • Same Feedback as #4.
  • I find that this has some interesting aspects, but I just don't think it conveys the idea of food for consumption. To me, it looks more like a lotus flower.
  • Just not what I'm looking for. Too generic.
  • Just not what I'm looking for. Too generic.
  • Just not what I'm looking for. Too generic.
  • Just not what I'm looking for. Too generic.
  • Hi Daniel, About #18: I wanted to create a graphic that was playful but also modern, and a bit clever. Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
  • Hi danielhebert10~ I created a logo for your consideration with the concept of garden fresh to table with a fun and organic look and feel. Hope you like the concept: #42 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Hi CH...I have entered my first few designs #39 #40 #41 #44 and #45. Your feedback will help me move in the right direction. Thanks!
  • For #38 I added a paper texture to the design to give it a more organic feel. Logo also shown in previous version from #35, and in a black & white only version.
  • I've uploaded #34 and #35 - variations of #28. The house/backyard in these two variations is an entirely different approach to keep the logo square, making it versatile and easy to work with in different mediums.