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Winning design #99 by egner, Logo Design for Badger's Cafe Contest
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designed by egner

Project description

Hello Designers, I am starting my own business called Badger's which will be a cafe that sells high quality but affordable foods and beverages mostly pies, jacket potatoes, paninis and pre-prepared sandwiches, coffees, milkshakes and smoothies etc. Very much like a Starbucks, costa, PRET and so forth. I have attached a mood board that explains exactly the sort of thing I am looking for. If you do not look at the mood board you will not get the feeling of my business and miss the design I am looking for. I will make a blind competition later near the end of the competition. I want the design to be simple and get a reaction of "aww cute a badger" as it will be used as a sticker too to seal packaging, not not too cute as in childish, again the mood board suffices information. I like a charcoal background with a white pictorial logo, and some nice typography, like chalk on a blackboard or hollowed out wood texture. AGAIN LOOK AT MOOD BOARD :D I want a couple of things designed. A Logo with the wording "badger's" left, right, you give me ideas! The typography will be used as the shop front, menu, and on business cared, website/loyalty cards, and even on some merchandise. so will need a few designs, a full design for the menu, and stamp (logo no words) for stickers and merchandise. Thus, I would be looking for something where the logo can be separated from the wording. The dream is that this business will become franchised. Therefore it needs to have a simplistic brand recognition identity. I really like the RED BADGER logo. so something that's obviously a badger. If your wondering why badgers? it has always been my nickname. check mood board and links! Good luck and I will try to comment on all designs submitted, if you get a low score early in the competition, it doesn't not mean that it is not good, I just don't want you to think your first idea is ground breaking, because in reality it might not be, but do not be discouraged. Regards Sharpe UPDATE 1: Complexity of design has increased as I want something with depth and hollowed out of wood or chalkboard.. ideas please Update 2: Try make the badger look younger, like behind the letter B and looking round as if its reading the word badger's and for the logo it sitting down with its head tilted like a dog. Simple is better again refer to the red badger logo. Update 3: Can i see the page full of texture and designs, the ideas I have so far are not really full enough. I would like to see some depth and texture. show me the materials!

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  • Better, I would take the smile off though. and I am not so keen on the feet. maybe try have him sitting down or something? the text is too fuzzy
  • Thanks for your submission. The idea is there, but I just want it to say badgers for now. The logo is a little too much like a football emblem than a cafe logo. keep trying and thanks
  • Thanks for the submission, The collection of ideas is good so I can see everything. But I was looking for something a little more "cute" as this badger looks more like a Hockey emblem, maybe a little too fierce! also try something with a little more depth, like the text hollowed out into the wood. As far as the text goes, its pretty similar to my design, try something a little different. I do like the hand written type font, but give me more ideas. Thanks! Again I am only putting out of 10 to being with as its early in the competition :)
    • Thanks for feedback. Now, I changed just a budger. What do you think about him now? In my opinion, now he is cute #14.

  • Hello CH, here is my first entry #11. What do you think? Thanks!
  • Hello CH, I know this is way to detailed, however, may I have your impute on entry #10? Is this close to what your looking for?
  • thanks for your submission. This is not what I am looking for. Please read the brief. Try make it look more like a badger. Keep trying. Thanks
  • Hi guys, if anyone could give me a design where the badger is behind the wording and is looking round as if it is trying to read the word Badger, that would be cool.Furthermore, not be offended if your work gets eliminated. I will give back Constructive criticism where I can.
  • Hi there, thanks for your submission but i will have to eliminate as it isn't what I am looking for. the badger is technically a photo from the internet and not really a logo. please try again Thanks
  • Thanks for your submission. I like the badger, but it looks slightly rude as in its back is turned and ignoring you.. the text could be improved slightly. the stars don't right right in my opinion. keep trying Thanks
  • Thanks for the submission. I think that this design is too flat and I don't want "cafe" written just right now just badger's. The logo looks a little too mirror like and I would prefer to see a full body not just a head. Thanks for the submission
  • I have done some scouting and i like the stamp effect,go on the link above to see what i mean.
  • I do like the chalk effect, I do not want it to say anything but badger's at the moment, but thanks for the option. So on the same page give me the design without the cafe and quality food. I will be selling quality food so no need to say that I do as its a given. Also I want to see a full badger and body not just a head. I prefer this compared to the other design you did. therefore i will eliminate the previous as its too clip arty in my opinion. as far as the typography goes, I do like it, but maybe too hard to read in stamp form if I decide to have it in a stamp format. Keep trying and thanks for the submission.
  • Hello CH, just was curious if you wanted to see everything on one page or did you want to see each thing individual (logo, name, etc.)? Thanks!
    • Show everything on one page thanks

    • But I would like to see on one page, a full logo, wording separate, and stamp like logo for the stickers etc. Thanks

  • Just to let people know that i will mark out of 10 and give feedback at the start of the competition, then gradually increase when i have more of a range of designs. Thanks, Badger
  • yea right idea, but the badgers is too small. have the badger the same size as the writing. and make him too like hes got more character. like playing or something make him look like hes reading the words more
    • Hello CH. I made the changes you asked me for #30. What is your opinion about it now? Is this better or not yet? Thanks for feedback.

  • I don't want it to say cafe just yet, and the face as too many features, simple is better. and I would like to see it as a baby badger,, and the shape inst symmetrical enough. thanks for your efforts though
  • can you show me this A: without eyes. B: head tilted slightly and little more symmetrical? thanks
  • Hi there, thanks for your submission, but I prefer the other designers.
  • hello sir, Plz check my design for your company. #23 Thank you
  • try making the badger more simplistic and younger if possible. refer to the red badger logo and other comments