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Project description

We are starting a cattle company. We are going to be providing top quality Wagyu beef. We are in Texas and want it to have that country feel to it. 

We want to be able to put this on a brand on a cow, hats, shirts, cattle trailers, trucks. We want it to be simple enough to put on a brand for a cow, but at the same time not oversimplified. 

The end goal is to take top quality Wagyu cows and take to the end user direct. 

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  • What about the concept that I gave this?
    Please give a response
    Thank's #495
  • Hello Dear Contest Holder,

    This is my new concept build for you. I have clarified my previous design.
    Please see my logos #487 , #484 and #493 .
    The star at the head of the cow represents discreetly the state of Texas.
    An interesting detail of the new logo is the muzzle of the cow in the shape of the letter B ( from word BAGWELL). And also the C-shaped ears (from Cattle Company).

    Please provide your valuable feedback.
    warm regards, ursachio
    #487 , #484 and #493
  • i hope you like with my design. you can request for change the colours if you want! thanks #484
  • Bagwell,hope you like it! #480

  • all the work is original, the font of the name BAGWELL is originally created for the brand and the contest, we are at your service thanks for your appreciations I hope you like my work.

  • I hope design will satisfy you #467
  • Here is my vision about your company.
    If is there anything you would like to change, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards #459
  • Hi this is my design hope you like it #450
  • Hello , this my design hope you like it .. feel free to ask for any changes if you want #448
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  • Sir,

    Please check my designs.

    Thanks. #423
  • If you need more change please feel free to comment
    Thanks #411