I got around 1400 Designs made for my logo! It was great to get a good feel of what I liked and what I was looking for in order to finalize the design.


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Winning design #1362 by giani_lt, Logo Design for Bamba, Contest
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designed by giani_lt

Project description

We are looking to do a re-branding to our original Logo, Colors, Fonts, and feel of our design for our brochures, websites and all our communication.


We like all lower case fonts and simple fun designs!  Ideally showing something related to travel/adventure and/or the b for Bamba and e for Experience. We are looking to create a lifestyle travel brand, that shows a modern, simple design portraying fun and adventure in the travel industry.  

We extended our contest as there were too many good designs and we now got a feel for what we like and need, so I am certain we will find a winner soon!

We have been using Bamba Experience as our main brand, but we are looking into changing it to only say bamba and having a slogan below saying experience your world (for now) with the idea of having the word after Experience changing too many different things depending on where we use the logo.

We have been in the industry for 12 years with the same old style logo that you can find in and we are looking for big re-fresh and big change.  We don't need to keep any of the old feelings, we want a complete change in order to portray a modern company that is fresh, that is trustable, reliable and the feeling of fun and adventure is essential for our values as we offer amazing experiences around the world.  In terms of colors, we like the blue / green turquoise as the main feel.  It doesn't have to be used in all the logo, but just a touch so it can also be used in the rest of the website and design work we use.

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