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The designers were full of different ideas and we ended with a new logo that we all like. so thanks a lot!

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Winning design #78 by eximius123, Logo Design for Bamboo Sushi Contest
Gold Medal

designed by eximius123

Project description

We are opening up our first Sushi takeaway in New Zealand. It will be operated off a small shop made out of a container on a side of a busy street with a lot of business persons, students, travelers walking by. We want the logo to somewhere in between authentic Japanese and modern with the name "Bamboo Sushi" with "a taste of Japan" as a phrase blended in somewhere on the logo. Bamboo means "purity" of "purification" in Japanese culture All our staff are Japanese including the chef and we are to make authentic Sushi off a container. The very first of the kind, at least in New Zealand. Hope you can participate and provide us with a logo which we can be proud of!

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  • Awesome! Thank you for participating Love the calligraphy and simplicity!
    • |--|

      Nisshindo {*wrote*}:
      Awesome! Thank you for participating Love the calligraphy and simplicity!
      |--| Dear Nisshindo, Thank you for your comments. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions on how I can improve it for you. Kind regards, Liz

    • sorry. I didn't realize the #29 was a fish until this report. Will try to be more careful next time. However, I still hope that the system can inform the reported designer(s) of the related issues before sending them an infraction, so as to let the designer(s) have a chance to explain or remove their designs by themselves.

  • About #50 Is my logo too obvious and loud? Let me know if you want more simple design. thanks
    • Hi ebc020357, Thanks for your participation Yes, we'd prefer our logo to be a bit more simple. thanks again,

  • Thanks for your participation looks nice. we'd like to see the bamboo part in green
    • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, #40 is new entry for your consideration, hope you like it. Thanks & Cheers

    • Hi ideasstudio, Thanks for the modification. we like the colours on #42!

  • Hi Nisshindo, Pls check my design entry #58. I hope you like it.. Pls send me your thoughts. Thank!
  • SCH
    Hi CH, Please find my entries #71 & #72, Salmon Sushi on top of bamboo in a shape of fish (view from top) wasabi for the eye to convey the brand image of Bamboo Sushi also it looks like a takeaway pack in a subtle way. i hope you like the idea. Thank you.
    • Hi SCH, We quite like the look and feel of your logo. can you please try it with the fish in different colour, maybe silver so it looks more like the actual salmon. thank you!

    • SCH

      Thank you so much for your feedback, please find my revisions #78 & #79, your comments/suggestions are most welcome:)

    • Hi SCH, Thank you for revisions. #78 looks great! Can you please try to express nods/joints of bamboo with another revision? thanks again

    • Hi again, There are a few more requests from us on the design. 1. The eye of the fish - please make it white or black with white surroundings so the fish looks fresh. 2. tail of the fish - please have a look at below URL and modify it. NZ's got really nice salmon and it's a top seller for any sushi places. 3. Please turn the fish around so it's facing left We know the fish is simplified but yet we'd like to have a look at a different version. Thank you!

    • SCH

      Hi Nisshindo, Thanks for your input, please find my revisions (Bamboo) #111, #112 & #113, the fish is actually ‘cut/slices’ arrangement. please feel free to comment. i will work on your other request :)

    • SCH

      Please find my revisions with NZ salmon #118, #119 & #120. Thank you :)

  • your entry is too much like entry 31 and 49
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #83 - I have taken a contemporary approach on combining the Japanese flag and a sushi. I also went for a square because of you mentioning using a container as the shop (great way of up-cycling!) I have submitted a few variations of the logo, showing different compositions. Any adjustments can be made and your feedback/rating is really appreciated :)
    • Hi JonathanMatthew, Thank you so much for your participation! We will contact you should we require any variation on the logo. thanks again

  • Hello Nisshindo, I'd like you to review my proposals (#47, #57, #61, #62) should you be interested in any of them, thanks.
    • Hi Bruciato, Thank you for your participation!

  • Hi Nisshido, I made the design #94. The concept of this design is based on the idea of the bamboo mat, the element that is used to make the sushi, and in the center the caracteristic color of the flag of japan. The bamboo mat try to represent that the "taste of japan" is kept inside the sushi (that is the phrase that you ask for). Feel free to comment, any feedback would be helpful. Thanks KIND REGARDS
  • #93 Can you please provide a feedback? Thank you.
  • Hi, CH. Please, check #91 | #92 and feedback :) Thank you!
  • Hello CH, my entries #86 #87 #88 #89. If you like one of this please feedback. We can make any changes in design for your likes. With best regards, Oksana
  • Hello, my name is Rosario # 58 # 60 I do not know if the client saw your logo, but it looks really nice, good job!
  • Hello Mr Nisshindo, this is a my first work of, the first draft of the contest Design Contest. Thank you for your time. I am my logo proposal focused on Japanese calligraphy. Certainly this can be associated with Japanese calligraphy, or a letter, this is my free interpretation of Japanese in English letters. I like Japanese students studying outside the their homeland was very homesick, and I was the smallest details reminiscent of my country. Remembering that time, and I'm trying to create a logo that is based on recognizing ... So I put in the center of national Japanese markings, red sun, tried to Japanese alphabet or font "Katarana" turn into English font ... Frankly, I'm flattered that my work will be in competition with a very nice project of my colleagues designers. I wish you all the best.Thank you. That's a compliment for me. Gift to you the third project.
  • Your entry is a copy of entry #29, please be original and respect other designers work!
  • Dear CH: I made the design #98 and #108. Feel free to comment, any feedback would be helpful. Thanks KIND REGARDS
  • Hi nixRa, Thanks for your participation. We like the red part that looks like a tuna nigiri. looks tasty! regards,
  • Dear CH: I made the design #98. Feel free to comment, any feedback would be helpful. Thanks KIND REGARDS
  • @ Nisshindo: although my proposals didn't meet your taste, I had fun participating in this project. Good luck with your new business.
    • Thanks Bruciato! All the best to you too

  • Hi contest holder, i've submitted two different ideas #134 and #135. please provide feedback if they have some potentiality according to your taste so that i could make it better. Thanks for the opportunity.