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Winning design #172 by Sequoia, Logo Design for Bank of Mary - Logo Design Contest
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designed by Sequoia

Project description

• We need a logo as the first step in a larger design process. The logo will represent the Bank of Mary. We are looking for a logo that is both simple and modern with the look and feel of a Bank (as we are using the analogy of a financial institution).
• Color scheme must consist of the blue-green and gold from the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe (see links below for additional references).

• Any resemblances to the image of our Lady of Guadalupe are a plus; the image has several symbolisms like the mantle, the

special stars, the angel, the bow, etc.

• It needs to be attractive, fresh, and rich on meaning. We want the logo to become an icon.

• The logo/icon must be scalable.

• Use the tagline provided

Get inspired!

For your reference and support, please find the below website links:

• Article on Bank logo designs


• What is the Rosary?


• How to pray the rosary (video)?


• Who is our lady of Guadalupe?


• Symbolism of the image of our Lady of Guadalupe


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  • In turquoise with more modern type.
  • Right, sorry.
  • Please review the article on Bank logo design on our Brief. Thanks.
  • Liked the meaning you incorporated in the design. Need to work on colors. Our preference is to reflect peace in another form; Need to work on the fonts as well.
  • Needs to be more modern type. We don't want to image to be too obvious.
  • Creative and original. Review comments on colors.
  • Good looking. The name is without "THE", and the tagline is producing abundant graces.
  • Most of the banks worldwide have two colors. We are proposing (1) one its a combination of blue and green, some people called it turquoise used in the mantle of the image (2) Second its the gold color used in the image as well.
  • Creative image of our lady. Font needs to be more original. You might want to add a little bit more meaning, be creative.
  • Remember this is a bank logo. Image of our lady should not be as obvious. Font needs to be more modern like.
  • Good idea bringing the stars; however the starts on the image have a unique shape (Look deeper on the image). You might want to add something that resembles Mary, not necessarily a the full copy of the image or face.
  • I went with the idea of creating peace. By forming the peace sign to show what Mary offers. And the Hand releasing their prayers into the hands of Mary. Thanks
  • The 5 stars represent the 5 sets of mysteries.
  • You cannot show multiple designs in same entry. Only 1 design is allowed.
  • From our knowledgebase "No Gradient or flat Backgrounds allowed." Please read through our knowledgebase and while you are reading through this article please take the time to read through the other articles concerning our rules and guidelines You can find the knowledgebase at anytime by looking up top of any page in the header section, click on "HELP" choose knowledgebase.
  • This proposal of the virgin is like being in a cameo, is ideal for the image is individually. I hope you enjoy. Thank you very much
  • With your same style and creativity could you work in a shape that resembles our lady of Guadalalupe? Would love to see a different proposal on the font.
  • Nice logo, but not aligned to what we are looking for. Please review brief for further references Thanks
  • Nice line of rosary beads below the Name. Please work on the image
  • Font on the previous tagline was better. We dont like the "OF" on the middle of Mary.