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Winning design #79 by Dinda, Logo Design for Barbox Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dinda

Project description

Logo design for new frozen yogurt franchise concept. We will be combining ideas from the frozen yogurt trend with a new concept provide mobile yogurt stores. BarBox will be a mobile "box" or trailer that can be parked and offers the following: Yogurt Bar Juice Bar Coffee Bar Snack Bar Fruit Bar Topping Bar See attached pictures to see the unit we plan to use.

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  • About #30 Hello Forte I want to thank you for your critique and will revise accordingly. Unfortunately I was thinking because you had shown a pic of the trailer you are asking for a logo big enough to fit. So I had made #30 but will return back to #12 Thank You
  • Hi Dskwkrs - I got your comment on the other design, thank you. I like this one better though, it is very original. Can you keep working with this idea and try some other colors. We like greens and blue and pink a little. I like how you wrapped the theme into the logo. Thanks again
  • Pavian- The name of the business is BarBox. I would like to see variations of the name if anyone has good ideas. Examples would be: Bar Box Bar-Box Barbox BarBox barbox bar-box
  • Aloha Ch, I made a mistake and did not move my elements off the page before upload About #8 Dont mind the elements on the right side or could you pls delete the entry and I will reupload a new one for that one is small also. Hard to read. Sorry for the confusion Thank You
  • Dear CH, Please let me know if you want some revision on my work and what color would you like to use in your logo. #3 #4 are my entries.. Thanks and more power. Deecarreon
  • Hello there CH, can you please provide the name of the business and any tagline if applicable. Thanks and Looking forward with this contest! GB :)
  • Dear forteequipment, thanks for your feedback, i submit 2 new entries with new colors, and another text presentation. Any changes you like to see please request. Await your feedback. Best regards Moimeme
  • Hi CH Thanks for the points! Just let me know if you need further adjustments. More power!
  • Hi Dex- Yes, you can play with text. As for the character I really dont have any good ideas, I was hoping you would come up with something creative. Sorry I cant be more help!
  • Hi..thanks for the feedback on my entry. Looks like I was way off on the design. Can you provide some more info on what kind of look do you want for the logo? I would love to provide you some more options.
  • About #50 Hi! Dear forteequipment can you describe me a little more about what you are looking or what is in your mind 1. If i use Character then what should it be better 2. Can I play with Text etc etc.......
  • Thanks for your feedback regarding #59. How would you like the font? More serious or more fun? Is the two-tone of the font alright though?
  • Hi Dinda- This is great, I love the O as an orange. Can you try adding some colors.
  • Hi Dex- I was hoping I would get some designs from you soon. I like this a lot. Can you try some logos with Blue and Green too. I think I like the cow, but I would like to try without cow too, or another character.
  • nice, but logo looks pharmacuetical to me
  • too plain
  • good idea, not quite there, you can try something else and collor
  • thank you, please try some green also instead of yellow or orange
  • Like this one, please clean it up and change font slightly and correct name. thank you for your comment.
  • Hi CH, I have foolishly submitted designs with the name 'BoxBar' (#59, #60). If you do end up liking one of my designs this is easily changed. Sorry!