Barg Engineering needs a new 'attractive, modern' logo to replace an existing one.

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Winning design #196 by marlonaire, Logo Design for Barg Engineering needs a new 'attractive, modern' logo to replace an existing one. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by marlonaire

Project description

We need a logo that will incorporate these three services, each service will have its own name and we will use the logo with each name.

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  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's.
  • About #4 This is my design for you. I'm not sure about the colours, but if desired, there can be changed. The symbol, infinity, is there to represent the things that your company does; you do everything to do with engineering. Thanks
  • too boring!
  • the blue ,orange &black?
  • not bad.little bit cluttered!
  • Hi there CH! about #51, you mean all of the colors? or just the logo? what color do you usually prefer? hope to hear from you. thanks.
  • too asian looking. :)
  • Hello all, have just uploaded an image of our old logo just for your interest!! certainly needs updating!
  • Thanks, but a bit boring I think?
  • mmmm, colours clash a bit!
  • Attention designer 'mosborne92' could you re-post your design #4, i can't seem to find it anywhere!
  • Yes certainly on the right track!
  • Bit playschool looking?!
  • Probably not modern looking enough!
  • Mmmm, interesting but a bit too 'clipimage' looking!
  • not too bad, just bit big and chunky looking!
  • #152 #153 Colour variations of #132... could do a couple more....your thoughts are welcome Thanks; Jctoledo
  • Could you try this with different colours? maybe grey/silver colours?
  • #176 & # 177 Three dots on the logo represent the three services of the company
  • In this one, three circles stand for three services. Black segments form letter - little circle with the one on the bottom is B, in third circle, with little more imagination, could be E :-) Hope you like the concept.