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Got tons of submissions -- some were good some were really pretty bad. I guess that how it goes. From a useability standpoint the site could be improved, especially in the finalization phase. In any case, I am happy with the end result.

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Winning design #160 by Judapa, Logo Design for Barnett Financial Contest
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designed by Judapa

Project description

What does Barnett Financial Stand For? Barnett Financial is an independent financial planning and wealth advisory firm that provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to high net worth individuals. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their financial goals and personal dreams. The tagline for Barnett Financial is "Take the Worry out of Wealth." While Barnett Financial has strategic partnerships with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, we are an independent, boutique wealth advisory firm. We are by choice a small company that works to meet the needs of a select group of clients. Specific Logo Guidance At a minimum, the Barnett Financial logo has to suggest a high level of competence and prudence appropriate for high net worth clients. However, because we emphasize "taking the worry out of wealth" and helping clients "achieve their financial goals and personal dreams" we want to appear somewhat more personal and warmer than our competitors. The logo should be built around a symbolic element that represents peace of mind and the achievement of financial goals and personal dreams, and at the same time be consistent with the ideas of warmth, competence and prudence. The specific symbol we would like to use is a sunflower. *** Sorry for the change in direction everyone, but we are concerned that a sunflower is too feminine and are now focused on graphic elements built around the letters "FB" Thanks for understanding.*** We are very happy in particular with our tagline, so the new logo should work seamlessly with the existing tagline, including, I think, the tagline font.

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  • We do not want a script "B" or "Barnett" in the logo; instead we want something more abstract/symbolic.
  • We do not want a script "B" or "Barnett" in the logo; instead we want something more abstract/symbolic.
  • About #58 and #59 i went with a subtle mix between a crown and a sunflower, i think that both elements combined suggest the wealth and the peace of mind. Thank you
  • I like your sunflower, but I'm not crazy about the typography. Please remove the tagline and try a different font for Barnett Financial.
    • Hi CH, Is #49's font better? Let me know if you have any feedback

  • Sorry, I wasn't very clear. I like the color of the sunflower petals as you had them before; when I mentioned the green highlights I meant it as if there were a couple leaves that could be seen underneath the flower. Perhaps even a stem descending downwards through the middle of Barnett Financial.
    • HI, Thanks for your feedback chris. I uploaded a new modification #56 with Barnett and Financial stacked and added green leaves and stem. Tagline can be removed if you will ask. Hope you will like it regards nd

  • You are not allowed to use clipart/third party images in logo contest. The art you used is found here: _
  • I like the sunflower, and the font. But the whole design looks out of balance. Please remove the tagline and stack "Barnett" and "Financial" on top of each other. Thanks!
    • Dear CH, Thanks for feedback. I resubmitted #48 with changes as recommended. Please advice. chuaandy

  • Please use upper and lower case as you had it before.
    • Revision made at entry #44 i want to try and find a better font, but its good for me to know if u prefer #40 or #41 as the flower? Thank you

  • Financial should be capitalized.
  • Please remove the line between "Barnett" and "Financial."
  • I really like it. Please remove the tagline and stack "Barnett" on top of "Financial"?
    • Thanks for the feedback Christopher, glad you like it. Did the revision, entry #40, also working on making the flower a bit rounder on the edges. Thank you, Vlad

  • Your sunflower looks great. Could we see what it looks like with some green highlights below?
    • Hi, Thanks for feedback.Do you want some green in flower or in typography Regards nd

  • The sunflower needs work -- it's too pointy. Also, please remove the tagline and increase font size on financial.
  • The sunflower looks too tan. Can you make it a brighter yellow?
    • Thanks for your feedback! I actually felt the same way just after I'd upload. Take a look att the new brighter version #36

  • I like the petals of the sunflower, but the center looks like an egg yolk. Please work on the center of the sunflower. Thanks! Chris
    • Hi, Thanks for feedbak :) Submitted two new modifications #35 and #37. Regards nd

  • Not sure if you saw my feedback from the other day: I like you typeface on the right. Please replace the symbol on the left with a sunflower and adjust colors.
  • This sunflower is too abstract. Looking for something more realistic.
  • Too atomic-looking.
  • Please remove the flower and stem coming up from the center of the logo and change colors to more traditional sunflower colors. Thanks! Chris
  • Hi, I submitted #20. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks, Dana