Barracuda Blasting

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Winning design #100 by monstersox, Logo Design for Barracuda Blasting Contest
Gold Medal

designed by monstersox

Project description

Looking for a contemporary logo design for our new company called 'Barracuda Blasting'.

Would like to see large modern block lettering emphasizing the 'BARRACUDA' word and then I would like 'BLASTING' in smaller more subtle sizing to the bottom right of the main name.

Looking for a slick modern edge to this logo.

Colours: we would like to see mainly blues, greys and white incorporated into the logo - however reds and other colours may be used to create emphasis.

Caricature: we would also like and aggressive barracuda fish caricature some how incorporated into the logo, however nothing that is too gimmicky or cartoonish.

Examples: I have attached a few files as examples I really like. My favourite of these four examples is the file 'Logo Style 1', so something similar to this would be excellent.

Feedback: will provide constant feedback to all submissions and eliminate proposals that are not on track to assist in guiding the process.

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  • Excellent work - perfect!

    Just a few little requests..

    On the outline of the fish just above the eye..the contour of the fish bumps out a little instead of smoothly flowing down..

    I think this is because the mouth is surly wide open..could you just close the mouth up 10-15%...smooth that bump out.

    Also could you also look at just partially raising that cross-bar that makes up the 'B' in Barracuda. (It looks like it just sits a little low - hence the top of the B is bigger than the bottom of the B..

    Hopefully you understand my requests..

    If you please make changes and then send through all these four styles again that would be fantastic.

    Thanks so much.

    SP #99
  • Hi there.

    Great effort so far with your design for the Barracuda are certainly leading with your entry and I hope you can maintain your high quality in these closing stages.

    Although this logo is almost 100% perfect, I would appreciate if you could give me one slightly different version.

    I think the fishes head carries slightly too much detail and was wondering if you could simplify this a little by looking at more broad-brush geometric curves to represent the head. A good example of this is how #38 fish has been done. You can see they incorporate blues, greays and whites (as per the original brief). But the fish in this instance is exactly what we were looking for. Its not too complex and from a laser cutting perspective is much easier to work with.

    Now I do not want you to adjust any of the fish or writing behind the gills - however if you could somehow revise the head and give it a simpler geometric theme with some teeth - that would be excellent.

    I will leave it with you as you obviously understand where we are trying to go with this logo.

    Looking forward tot the upgrades.

    Good luck

    SP #91
  • This is your best submission by there any way you could enlarge the teeth on the fish...chasing a slightly more aggressive look.. #80
  • Also can you please remove the slither of the fish that sits just above the 'BARR'...and then increase the height of this lettering to contour the main spine of the fish...

    (We would also like to seee this logo silhouette in blue and on a white background)...many thanks - looking good #80
  • This one is very good - but can we do something with the A at the end. I know it's supposed to be part of the tail fin, by looks more like it's blowing in the wind..

    This is certainly the style of logo we want going into the final submission days
  • @Stingray2014 Hi CH! Please check this one. Please let me know what you think about it. Thank you so much! #77
  • Please evaluate my entry. Thank You #73
  • Barracuda Blasting............. #66
  • I really like this font - it's is perfect along with the word placement. However I like the other style fishs...maybe you can change. #43
    • @Stingray2014

    • @Stingray2014 Hi there! Thank you so much for the ratings and feedback. I will do revisions asap. :) Have a nice day!

  • please feedback ... :D #61
  • Please feedback .. :D #60
  • Hello nice effort however I think this fish is a shark not a barracuda.. #44
    • About #44, @Stingray2014 I'm sorry, I do not know if barracuda is a kind of fish, I will improve my design ...: D

  • Sorry the fish is just too big and aggressive...I don't want the fish to be the main theme, but rather the writing barracuda.. #56
  • Also like this one but too many bones in the fish.. #51
  • Please Feedback ... :D #54
  • Please feedback ... #53
  • Hello looks ok but fish sits a little high. #37
    • About #37, @Stingray2014
      Ok i fix it

  • Please feedback ... :D.

    Thank's ... #45
  • Please feedback ... :D

    Thank's ... #44
  • Looking forward for your feedback. Thank you! #43