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Winning design #68 by wenxDesign, Logo Design for Baseball4LifeAcademy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by wenxDesign

Project description

We are a revolutionary baseball training academy that will utilize social media to train the masses all around the world.  We would like to incorporate the colors red, white, and blue along with a shield, maybe in the shape of home plate.

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  • i create again from diferent style...
    do yoou like it ?
    thanks :) #74
    • @wenxDesign I still like your other design better.

    • @s_hill3236 oke , do you much like design with a shields or like that ?

    • @wenxDesign no changes necessary on that one

    • @s_hill3236 oke , tell me if you want something. :)

    • @s_hill3236 oke , tell me if you want something. :)

    • @s_hill3236 hello sir , do you have a winner ? :)

  • Thank you for your effort. Please keep the colors the same as the MLB logo, those shades. Thanks. #81
  • Here are a few different options. #81
  • Time is running out to make the requested changes on this entry. #65
  • @s_hill3236 . please check my entry . thanks ! #73
  • please feedback and rate... :) #72
    • @wenxDesign I still like #68 much better.

    • @s_hill3236 ya, please if you need some improvement of this logo, please tell me :)

    • @s_hill3236 ya, please if you need some improvement of this logo, please tell me :)

  • Really like this. Great job #65
    • About #65, @s_hill3236 Thank you, please let me know if you need anything else.

    • @s_hill3236 I like this. I would like to play with the script and colors a bit now. Please show me some options.

  • Please send me some feedback, thanks. #71
  • i'm sorry for before , i dont see the "L" is missing.
    thanks :) #68
  • please feedback and rate .
    thanks :) #67
  • how about this sir :) #66
  • litle modifed from before...
    its beter or no ?
    thanks. #63
    • @wenxDesign I like this better except baseball is missing an "l"

    • @s_hill3236 what mean "I" ?

  • i make this logo , is mostly simply, and clasic.
    its easy to recognizable to the people.
    please give your feedback and rate.
    thanks before. :) #60
    • @wenxDesign I might like this one better without the baseball on it. Maybe just some baseball seams

  • Thank you for trying. I'll be clearer. No home plate. It would look like {}4life
    Where the parentheses would be the seams, just to the left of the 4 but the same size. I would even like to see it as {}4L also. I will reward all your hard work for us. #64
  • i create again with red,white,blue colors... strong colors.
    its a great and unique logo for your site.
    please give a respon feedback.
    thanks sir :) #61
  • Could you make the stitches run vertically, the same size as the 4. Have the stitches first (baseball), then the "4," then "life" with "academy" underneath them? Think simple, classic, old-school. I like what you have done thus far. #40
  • This design means is defense and blazing speed #55
  • design fireball which means speed

    Ok, thank you #54
  • please check ,thanks #52
  • Could you please make your submissions larger? With them being so small, they are difficult to adequately consider them. #49