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Winning design #78 by SIHEM, Logo Design for Basic Goodness Foundation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by SIHEM

Project description

We are a new humanitarian foundation based out of Asia, and we need a logo for our use. Our foundation is founded on the principle that the basic human nature is one of natural virtue – of kindness, compassion, openness and intelligence. Our mission is to benefit all those in need, we do so by working with a network of local partners and volunteers to provide healthcare, education, disaster relief and social services to the underprivileged, particularly in Asia.

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  • gemgan..please review #16 i have tried natural instincts kindness compassion openness with the help of tree depicting love itself
  • Dear gemgan, Please see my first entries #9, #10 and #12. Colours and fonts can be changed to suit. Kind regards, Liz
  • @gemgan You should rate all the designs because is helpful for us.
  • Hi Speedyroby, Could you adjust the colours so that they exude more warmth? And could you please submit an alternative design with the heart in solid colour?
  • @gemgan I uploaded my first version of logo. I hope you like it. Please leave feedback. Thank you!
  • For the letter form, can you please use only the letters BG?
  • Thank You. Updated design is shown in different fonts. Please let me know which one would you prefer. I also suggested alternate color scheme. This of course can be any combination you please. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  • Dear CH, Can I know what do you think about my entry ? #24
  • sorry but i didnot use any clipart i can send you a vector file thanks
  • clipart is not allowed!!! Read our guidelines!
  • About #26: Hi CH, thank you for your rating. Is there anything that you would like me to modify with this design?
  • @pdezign I like the design, simple and elegant. The bottom one is more to our liking, but is there another font you can use? Also, what if we exclude the word Foundation?
  • Dear gemgan, How can I update my design #29 to suit you needs better?
  • Thanks! How would it look if the two persons were somehow leaning more towards each other?
  • @corto Could you change the design a little - making the heart bigger so that only the sun's light rays can be seen behind the heart. Is it also possible to have the heart in red, gradually fading outwards to blend with the yellow rays of light?
  • Dear CH, About #32 I hope you like my idea of making the heart out of two people figures. Thanks, Creativitron
  • Dear CH Please take a look on #63, #64 and #65. Where #63 is the sample of Letter Form. The design is made up of BGF and creating a smiling face of people. Please give me suggestion and your feedback. Thank you Regards LineArts
  • about #61, notice the blank space in the middle shaped like a 'B'.thank you.
  • Dear CH, About #50 Hi, Please tell me if you like the direction of my design. Thank you, Creativitron
  • Dear CH, About #32 Ill try to make it look like the figures are going towards each other. Thanks.