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Winning design #69 by PaintedPony, Logo Design for Bathroom Countertops Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PaintedPony

Project description

This is the logo for This is a website that sells countertops exclusively for bathrooms. Customers choose the dimensions of their countertops, how many sinks, and what shape the sinks are. We'd prefer for the logo to have the company name in it.

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  • Thank you CH. I will do my best to make this logo the way you want. I will try some other variations, but if you want me to change something specific, let me know. Thanks again.
  • This is a great design. Can you give me a few of variatons of it? Text should only say
  • Hi Shantelle, I'm looking for something more represntative of a countertop and sink. Thank you!
  • Contest Holder, I have submitted design #26 and would appreciate your thoughts. Thank You!!
  • DEAR CH, Hope you like this,it new design with three colors,and waiting for your feedback. THANKS
  • Ok, so I'll post later my third drawing and my last chance, I hope you like the idea.
  • I like thee colors in this. But I like the font in #2 the most. The idea in #7 and #9 is the best because it shows a sink and vanity top. I hope to see more designs from you!
  • If possible some feedback about the idea or the colors, I'd appreciate it. #4 #5
  • Also I do like the fonts in #2 and #8
  • I like the direction of this one. with the background being a sink and vanity top. Also I'm not sure about the color scheme. Can you play around with the color schemes and background sink image? Thanks!
  • Aloha, Thank You for your feedback. I will try a few other variations and upload them a it later. Would you prefer certain colors or is your palette open for any color? Mahalo dskwkrs
  • I like this font and general idea. We just need something more relevant to bathroom countertops for the background. Can you try out some other ideas? Thanks
  • Dear CH, please be so kind to check my design #61 and give me some feedback. Best regards
  • Hello CH, #53 is a wrong upload my mistake... Sorry Thank You
  • Hi shternsasha~ I created a logo for your consideration that is clean, simple and modern and features a very stylized sink. The two semi circles below the droplet also look like water ripples. Hope you like the concept: #49 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • I'm a big fan of this design. Please make it so that there is one faucet and no soap holders besides the sink. The sink should be rectangle in shape. Please try a few different font and color variations.
  • Dear CH, I uploaded design #39. Let me know if I could change anything to better suit your needs. Cheers, Andrei
  • Dear CH, i've just uploaded my entries, please check #75 #76 & #77
  • Hi, check out my logo designs #71, #72 hope you like it
  • Dear CH, i've just uploaded new entrie with new color scheme, please check #63 best regards