Battle Arts Academy

Love the design! It was very exciting to see all the new submissions. The creative process is an interesting thing.

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Winning design #34 by jctoledo, Logo Design for Battle Arts Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jctoledo

Project description

Battle Arts Academy is a training facility that offers MMA, Strength & Conditioning, Professional Wrestling, Fitness Kickboxing, and boys and girls Freestyle Wrestling. We have a clientele ranging from kids, to corporate, to competitive fighters, and women. It's a high end, world class facility that just happens to also be a neighbourhood gym.

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  • We like your submission so far, is it possible to do a border around it?
  • So far I like yours the best, can you try a deeper more vibrant red and just make the B a little thinner and slightly more distinct. And maybe add the middle piece of the A just to see how it looks, great work !
  • Btw we also like the red line on both sides of the word academy
    • #26 Requested design. Let me know what you think... Thanks; Jctoledo

  • Hello CH, Please review #22, would love any feedback. Thank you
  • Nob
    hi CH, I represent #18 incorporating in my logo the two aspect of MMA Striking and Grappling with comedic and feminine attributes to appeal to your younger and female clients. hope youll find my design useful... cheers!
  • We have a lot of women as well so perhaps an muscular/athletic androgynous figure with both arms raised in a victorious type pose
  • Great job so far, but we don't wear traditional martial arts gi's, but an Mma fighter type pro wrestler warrior crosssfit athlete would look great, love the drawing style and the circle too !
    • Thanks for your feedback. I have drawn an MMA style wrestler with those gloves on where you can grab with your fingers and a pair of MMA shaped shorts. Let me know if you would like to try anything else. #20 and in reverse colouring #21. Kind regards, Liz

  • Hi CH, What about #29, any changes to be made on that one?
    • We like submissions similar to 19, 26, and 27 for reference

  • I like the B but maybe u can reverse one the holes in the B and use that as the ying yang thing, it's a tad busy with the ying yang super imposed on the B, great creativity though
  • Love the design up until the image in the box, looks like dancing but a more realistic image of an athlete or wrestler could be cool
  • I like the B but maybe u can reverse one the holes in the B and use that as the ying yang thing, it's a tad busy with the ying yang super imposed on the B, great creativity though
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #28 and #29, Please let me know what you think. Thank you
  • hi actothemax, check out my entry under #27, it's an abstract "b & a" logo that also composes two persons in fighting position. i hope you like it. thank you & have a great day. -friendnand
    • Looks very nice I would like it see the images in some form of a B and A. I appreciate the abstract but I would like people to see it and kind of be able to figure out the programs we offer

  • This looks great except we don't offer karate, but if the silhouettes were of wrestling, kickboxing, and an Olympic weight lifting type image, I think it would great
  • You are not allowed to use dingbat font type in logo contests.Source: _
  • Can u please put the red circle from #35 on #34 and change the red parts to white within the circle, thanx
  • #34 #35 Variations from previous design #26. Thanks for appreciating my work... Jctoledo
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #55 for your review...thank you. DM
  • actothemax designers can not reply to comments or upload entries on an expired contest. The contest is waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. Once you choose a winner you have 7 more days to work with the winning designer on any changes tweaks you may need or want. These articles will help guide you Please let us know if you need any help Thank you
  • Please send correspondance and the final art to or if I chose yours can u still Tweek it?