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Winning design #329 by bjbdesignergrp, Logo Design for Baze Built Homes Inc.  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bjbdesignergrp

Project description

We are a company that specializes in custom homes in southern California. We have been in business for almost 30 years. We are looking for a face lift. We have our old logo and want people to know that we are the same company, just with an updated look. Our main color is blue with purple accent color. The one thing I like about our logo now is we can use it with the words and the picture logo or we can use each one by itself.  We have had the double BB logo since the beginning so I want that in there some how, but it can be different. 

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  • Can you add a line below the logo and above Baze Built to make the design look bigger? #329
    • @brockbaze Hi, as the project is closed..So it is not possible to make the revison..

  • About #404, @ghoefurnac why was this one withdrawn?
  • I lost the one you just posted
  • repost the last one again
  • Can you make the BB logo even more square (block) looking?
  • Can you use the font you used in the bottom Baze Built for the 2 B's in the logo? Or make it look more modern. #324
  • hello
    i wish you like it :)
    thanks #353
  • bb #347
  • what about my design ? #335
  • fcgbhg #334
  • Can you do this image the the text like yours on #175? #205
    • @brockbaze Hi, I have submitted the revised design. Kindly check. #329

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your feedback.. Kindly check #329
  • I liked the cube design on #165, is there any way to take your idea and make it into a cube. #322
  • Can you make the lines on the sides of "Homes Inc." match the top lines above Baze Built and come to a point? #324
    • @brockbaze Can you see about adding some silver into it? on a different idea?

    • @brockbaze Can you see about adding some silver into it? on a different idea?

  • About #321, @ghoefurnac silahkan cek kembali,,,,
    • @ghoefurnac please give feedback ....

  • Can you fix your spelling error? its INC. not LNC #307
  • please check! #298
  • fcgh cf #294
  • gfh #292
  • vbnvh #291