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Winning design #31 by batikjava, Logo Design for BDEX CARGO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by batikjava

Project description

It is a air cargo business. My target customers are Bangladeshi and the color combination of Bangladesh flag is RED & GREEN. so i want BD in red and EX in green and the other color combination is up to you. I want a shade of globe and and a plane somewhere in the logo. You can add truck and parcel box picture in the logo if you want to. I want my logo colorful and add this slogan in my logo - BRINGING HOME CLOSER. Just to letting you know i had a logo of BDEX CARGO before and it was opposed by FEDEX service. SO i had to change the logo until i finalize a new one. You will see my temporary logo If you visit Because my previous logo was opposed by FEDEX, so side wise BD & EX can't be a joint word (BDEX), has to be separate. My idea is, in 3 lines BD on top EX in the middle and CARGO at the bottom. It is just an idea but your unique ideas are much more appreciated. Best of luck

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  • Hi there, I like the design. Like the globe and the color combination. Also like the font of the texts. But the round red line doesn't looks good to me. Looks like some kind of flag sign like china or Turkish. Can you do something else? Some other color combination? Cheers mate
  • Mate, Simply awesome...this is the actual view i am looking for...just one last change i guess. The picture of the plane looks a bit cartoon type. Can you make it a bit realistic pls? The line "BRINGING HOME CLOSER", can you color it dark orange. SO that i can use it in both dark and lite color paper. thx
    • Thank you very much for your precious directions. I'm just thinking to make our plane more realistic here. How about give it more details, such a slight shine of the cockpit windows and jet engine? I'll submit it in about an hour. Hopefully you'll like it. Regards, Djoko

    • Dear BDexcaus, The revision of our #23 is #26. Hopefully you'll like it. I'm looking for your early feedback. Thank you,

    • Have a look the plane at #24. You might get some idea about the plane.

    • Dear BDexcaus, I had submitted #27.Hopefully you'll like it. Please give me early feedback as usual. Regards,' Djoko

    • Hey Buddy, Can i have your email address? I want to share something there regarding few idea. Thx

    • Sure Mate, please share it to

    • Mate, the logo #27 is not there anymore. What happend

    • batikjava please stop with the emails, this is not how contests are run here. All contact and communication is to remain here on the contest

    • Dear BDex, Thank you very much for your appreciations and precious directions @ #31 and #20.If there's anything I could do to help you, please just let me know. I'm grateful to be the designer of your new logo. Regards, Djoko

  • Hi, Expecting a bit more from you according to your level of work. Looking for a plane and world picture somewhere in the logo, red and green combination (Not Orange and blue). Also need to add the Slogan "Bringing home closer" Cheers mate
    • Dear CH, thanks for feedback i upload new design i hope you like appreciated feedback again thanks

  • Your design found to be the copy of other high rated designer; entry removed:
  • Hey .. can you please check my design #25 .. thanks
  • Hi Ch. i submitted my design entry #24. i need your feedback regarding with the design thank you. SheynaFX
  • Hi, I like your style, fonts and the color combination, but i want to delete few things from this logo and add few things from your #18 web contest logo. Can you take off the green globe and the plane from this logo and add the blue globe without the blue curves from #18 logo contest? Also i need a plane logo which will stand in full length on top of BDEX word. Let me give you an idea about the plane picture. If you look at a plane from the front, such as your nose is face to the plane nose - i need that look the way you see the plane. I dont have any problem if you want to keep the plane picture little bit side wise (not full side wise). If you can make the line "BRINGING HOME CLOSER" a bit brighter (I mean attractive color) would be great. You can contact me on if needed. Thx Evan
    • Dear B-Dex, thank you very much for your precious directions and appreciation @ our #20 design. I want to ask you about your direction : "I need a plane logo which will stand in full length on top of BDEX word." Does it mean that I have to use 2 aircraft on your logo (the one on the LOGOGRAM with the globe and the other on the LOGOTYPE)? I'm looking forward for your early feedback, therefore I could revise and submit it within 2 hours. Regards, Djoko

    • Hi Djoko, Thx for your quick response. No, i need only one plane on top of the word BD-EX. No logo on globe. I just need the same globe logo from your #18 contest logo. Also keep the same glossy blue color from #18. Take the whole globe and plane off from #20. Thx

  • Also i need a orange color hi-phan like BD-EX.
  • #38 and #39 – Simple, clean and professionally executed identity. Thanks.. .
  • Clipart is not allowed in contest
  • Hallo Ch .. can you please check my new design ... #54 #55 #56 #57 #58 .. i hope you interest ..