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Winning design #221 by kristijp, Logo Design for BDM Students' Association Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kristijp

Project description

Need a logo for this new organisation. We have a pretty clear idea what we're after so if in any doubt please ask! We want to project: - Professionalism (we need to be taken seriously by students needing support and advice) - Fun (a lot of what we do is about having fun) - Diversity (we have an inclusive and vibrant membership) There is absolutely no negotiation about the name I'm afraid. The "Students'" part is the most important (note the apostrophe at the end is also important), "Association" next and "BDM" is the least important part of the name but needs to be there. We quite like badge / stamp designs but are really keen on having a single simple graphical element - not something busy. Logo will go everywhere - web, social media, jerseys etc. It's important that is doesn't feel too derivative (like a clothing brand). We're much more than that. Simple, clean and modern, projecting professionalism, fun and diversity. Professional and Fun is a bit of a weird combination so maybe think "credible" if that helps - some of that professionalism/credibility might come naturally from a good design! N.B. The logo we have uploaded is one we made internally (not professional) that we kinda like but feel is just too busy and we'd rather have something cleaner but the text proportions are good for us.

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  • Hi, I just posted a new design for your association. I'll be happy if you can tell me if it's suit to your needs. My design is #102. thanks a lot. \ DavG
  • Hi, I've just posted my first design. Any thoughts on submission #98? Cheers
  • Too much prominence to BDM (see brief)
    • I've uploaded a few more variations for your consideration. #85, #87, #88, and #89 all have a reduced prominence of the BDM, but maintain clear readability while keeping with a unique and recognizable badge-style logo.

  • Hey, Check my 2nd design in #92 which is kinda fun. Hope it will full fill all your expectation
  • Dear CH, I have submitted my idea -#90 . Kindly take a look at it . Thanks
  • Hi, I just submited my project for you. My project number is #86 . Please feel free to tell any feedback that can optimize the design. Thanks. DavG
  • Dear CH, I've uploaded my design- #80. Any comments or improvements? please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks & Cheers
  • Think I prefer the original one you put forward.
  • Sorry, just a bit too generic for me. Seen lots of this before.
  • Interesting idea to innovate on badge but doesn't quite work for me.
  • Too much prominence to BDM and not keen on the composition
  • #22, #23, #24, #32, #33 - Hello again, CH - these designs are variations on #9. The inverted exclamation point is meant to represent a student/group of students. Any of these can be seen in any color variation you like- the orange and orange/light teal combo is meant to be widely appealing & vibrant. Thanks for feedback!
  • I entered two different concepts for you guys– with a few variations of each. Set #18, #27 (badge style), #29( b&w version) and set #20, #21 (badge version), #29 (b&w version)... Both sets have a logo with a concept based around diverse, interconnecting, speech bubbles. The "icons" can also be used separately from the word mark if you want. Let me know if you'd like to see any changes or variations made. -Kristi
  • Has potential. Feels a bit weak at the moment.. any ideas on how to beef it up and make it stronger. Maybe stronger spikes but varying length so it's less symetrical? (I am not a designer!) :)
  • Speech bubbles might be a motif to play on... but not the mortartboard (see previous comments).
  • Sorry, too generic.
  • Too generic. Not fun. Focus is on the BDM (which we don't want).
  • Doesn't seem fun - no mortarboards please as per previous comments.
  • This is an interesting design, thanks. I'd love to see a few variants if you have any alternative compositions.
  • We're not looking for a 'crest' really - we are not a University. Also want to steer away from mortarboard as per previous comments. Thanks.