BDP Asset Management

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Winning design #221 by nuning_azizulchanif, Logo Design for BDP Asset Management Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nuning_azizulchanif

Project description

Financial management/equity group that raises capital from private investors and invests into multifamily real estate/apartment communities.

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  • Dear CH as you requested changing the Asset Management into blue. Thanks. #162 , #169.
  • Hello CH, in this version "BDP" font is slighlty different than in the other previous one. #159
  • Can you remove chimney and do the "asset management" in blue #138
  • with darker blue #142
  • Can we see this in blue and grey and also grey on top with black on bottom?

    Thanks! #56
    • About #56, @thomasblack
      okay, variations have submitted.thanks

  • Dear CH. Please check the changes of the grey into more darker one. Thanks. #138
  • A bit darker grey on this. Like the royal blue #136
  • Can you do a few shades darker grey? Thanks #135
  • Would like to see this in blue and grey. Thanks! #102
    • Ok Ch I will upload those files and also the changes of the colors..Thanks.

  • Hello there. Pls see the updates of the design.thanks. #34
    • Can you re do your last design? I accidentally deleted. About #34, @PinoyAku

  • Hi, can you provide some feedback #131
  • thanks for the feedback, as this what you want?
    Thank you. #121
  • view my design please @thomasblack #108
  • view my design please @thomasblack #107
  • Dear CH. Sorry for the late response to your request.I would like also to thanks for your feedback. Here is the update of my design. Hope it works.. #102
  • Needs at more traditional font. Thanks #73
  • Can you do in reciprocal black with an arrow at top of black area? #89
  • Same design with more traditional font please.
  • Very close. Please submit different colors and variations of this style with different fonts etc #35
    • About #35, @thomasblack
      okay. revisions have submitted. thanks for feedback

  • Looks really great. Can you do a same design with different colors IE grey/green or grey/red?