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We need a strong logo that will compliment our BeachCandy Workmark and BritB signature. For marketing and all other promotional purposes we need a high-end strong sexy logo. See our website to get an idea of our extraordinary product and mission

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  • Great! Thank you Amir
  • amir incredible work. you are seconds from being the winner!! congrats!! :) Can you please make up one flat color file, one with two shades of pink magenta and hot pink (magenta will be our company color along with bronze) and is this an illustrator file so I can click on each shape and play with the color?
  • Hello BrittanyBarber, thanks for nice feedback, I am happy when you are satisfied of my work. I have already made the new changes as Requested. but I want before I send the work to say something, I can change the crystals Shape only so much, to look like my work. because even other Designers have already begun with other Shapes, and they have taken the time and effort. until now, made many beautiful designs for your logo. Now if I or any other designer, make a partial or complete copies of a design that would not be fair. I want just to say it, I can change the crystals shapes, only limited to this what I've Design for you. Creativity and being unique, that makes the difference for design. Regards Amir p.s.: If you want to see another version of design #8652 Please mark "i'd like to see a revision" . thank you.
  • Amir also I want to see the new shapes you used in 8678 put into this exact overall shape of the design on the side that hugs the B of BeachCandy (bahamas logo looking). with some splash or representation of water added to the design.
  • WOW. LOOKING GOOOOD! OK 20 HOURS LEFT... here is where I want this to go. 1) thinner candy on the wave just by a bit on either side a the beginning and end. 2) I like the two tone bicones but you lose it in the one color print. divide up each half into thirds so there are 3 facets on each side. 3) lower the curves of the waves and the entire thing so its less of an arch (from far way it kind looks like a rainbow) maybe cut the curve in half but dont lose it all together... 4) LOOKS AMAZING KEEP GOING :)
  • Baiskee, my only concern is when placed with my exact wordmark it doesnt flow for some reason. Show me a layout with my exact wordmark and how you think it should lay so it looks very high-end and no competitive with the wordmark.
  • Also when you do the revision give the shapes some dimension I like your two tone bicone crystal shape, use that and make sure it doesnt look like sprinkles, these are $700 sexy bikinis. Show me a logo to fit that.
  • Wow! Looks great, I love the concept of waves with candy but still needs to be simplified get rid of the multifaceted octagons for one. Like I have told the other designers this needs to look good as a one-color print. use just linear shapes with line and design as your focus color will be somewhat irrellevant. That being said on your revision I want you to show it in black and white as well! One more day for the contest, I'll be by my computer all day so lets see what you got! :)
  • can you make it look a little less competitive with the BEACHCANDY BRITB wordmark? smaller? more linear? great job on all your work so far :)
  • I like the shapes but we dont use gems. use all shapes. and just one side this is a logo not embellishment
  • AMAZING...can you do another snake style crystal logo that centers over the BeachCandy BritB wordmark.
  • Baiskee keep working on it. I really love the dimension of your faceted crystals. also I need the logo to look good standing alone without BEACHCANDY BritB it thou keep going! :)
  • I've been asking for the crystals from all the designers because that is the base of our company. I am looking for a great design that looks good in a single color way as that is the most common use of the logo is one color print. I don't care for this cluster it looks forced please use the bahamas logo for inspiration. even mix in some of those shapes with the crystals.
  • Maybe replace a couple big crystals with the smaller ones and make the design less stiff...
  • Basikee, a linear one color layout is how I will be using the logo mostly. Make sure the shape creates a beautiful design itself dont get too wrapped up in color, it wont be used alot. This one looks like a catapillar the other looks like stiff polka dots. Give it life, think water, lightness, free beauty. Like the different sizes though, GOOD.
  • Thanks for the feedback and direction, glad you are pleased. will post the revision shortly. thanks!
  • LOOK AT THIS!! YOU ARE ON IT! def want a revision make them varying sizes. some 50% smaller also they look like two line from far away. The bahamas is one line and then sprinkles from the line. Love the dots just do those revisions. VERY EXCITING.
  • :) I thought it was to get inspired by the colors of the Bahama logo. Ill work on a revision then. Please mark "i'd like to see a revision" for #8553. thank you
  • The reason this was shot down by the associates here was they said it was too tribal and we make delicate sexy swimwear...Lets make the B's less bold and see if we can change their mind?
  • Same advice for you on this one Zuki sprinkle the crystals like the bahamas logo