Bear Fruit Farms

Our contest and results were exactly what we hoped they would be. We are very happy with the original logo and thought the whole experience was simple, fun, and interactive. What a great concept!

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Winning design #70 by egner, Logo Design for Bear Fruit Farms Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

Design a logo for our farm! 

We want a classic farm logo look, most likely round, and probably incorporating a tree with cool roots. Our logo doesn't have to incorporate any of this, but we have: chickens; veggies; apple, peach, and pear trees, and bees. 

Some ideas (if they help, but we're open to what you create): round, black-and-white logo with a simple fruit tree with roots, a simple bear climbing the tree reaching for a beehive, with a simple chicken(s) at the base, with Bear Fruit Farms in a classic bold font somewhere incorporated and an option to add the words "Est 2017." We also like the idea of a classic barn and/or the sun rising. 

We plan to use the logo (or variations of it) on product labels, merchandise, return address label, and a maker's mark stamped/branded into wood.

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Thanks!

Update: We've added a few additional photos, including some of our barn, which houses a saw mill.

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  • I hope you like the changes. If not. Just let me know and i will fix it. About #82 thanks!
  • I can modify anything else you would like in the logo. A simple, stylish design #125
  • Last minute request -- can you make the hive a bit more defined and resubmit? It's difficult to see that it's a hive when the logo is small. Thanks! #70
  • MES
    @dhogue14 hello #120 #121 #122 please check my latest latest entry I incorporate your old barnhouse.

    what do you think?
  • The last minute work. I really hope you like it. #115
  • With more bold letters. #114
  • One more try. #113
  • Thanks for the entry. It's too cartoony for our taste, but thanks for the creativity! #108
  • Do you have a tag line or slogan that could be incorporated in the logo?
    Where is your business based? Would you like to see a reference to the geographic area or city?
    What aspects differentiate you from the competition?
  • I hope you like the changes. If not. Just let me know and i will fix it. #95
  • This is my design sir, I hope you like my design, thank's #91
  • Hello CH! this is my first design... leave a feed back if you like with this design... thanks a lot! #82
  • I have changed design as you asked. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #75
  • About #51, @mmkdesign We like this style of design a bit better than your most recent circle style, I think, but we love the most recent scene where you changed your barn and added clouds. Could you try the newest scene in this one and try to emphasize Bear Fruit over Farms? Thank you!
    • @dhogue14 Hi. Thanks for the comment. I will change design.

  • Thanks for all of the submissions! We really like designs where Bear Fruit is emphasized over Farms, either by having a circle with Bear Fruit at the top and Farms at the bottom, or by writing Bear Fruit on top with Farms below in a smaller font. Hope this helps! Thanks!!!
  • About #68, @mmkdesign Overall, we like a lot of your changes to the scene in this one, but we decided we really like when "Bear Fruit" is emphasized and Farms is smaller below it, possibly with lines coming out from the sides like it is in your submission with the chicken. Would you mind trying to combine the features we've commented on in some of your submissions with this scene here? Thank you!
  • We don't love this font for "Bear Fruit Farms." It's fine for EST 2017 (though we're not set on it, if you want to change it), but can you try a different font here? #68
  • We really like this barn and the addition of clouds in the sky. #68
  • Don't love the shadow here or the arched shape to the banner with the name -- we liked it betterin your previous submissions where it was straight across. #68
  • About #69, @jacondsign When we see them together, we actually don't love the bears and chickens in the same picture. I know we suggested in the brief, but it seems unnatural when we see it in a logo. We like your style, though! Thank you for the submission!