Bear Taco

We chose from over 100 original designs. Ultimately we found a design we had not even imagined at the beginning of the contest. The contest format was easy to work with and we are very pleased with the results. I hope this is just the beginning of a smooth business startup.


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Winning design #115 by moltbandung, Logo Design for Bear Taco Contest
Gold Medal

designed by moltbandung

Project description

We are a company that makes hammock camping products. We want to have a fun simple design that plays on the idea that a person camping in a hammock is like a taco for bears.

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  • Great idea with the trees and hammock. I like the bear face In the O. Maybe a cozy camper in the hammock?
    • Unsure by what you mean as to the camper being in the hammock? I could do something where the A in Bear is a tree and the A in Taco could be a little camper with the bear face in the O if that is what you thinking? If you could elaborate more I would love to make these changes for you. Thanks.

    • I meant putting a person sleeping in the hammock.

  • I like the simple look and a great idea. Can we see it in black and white? Can we see his fat belly sticking out a bit?
  • How can I improve? More simple? Better color scheme? not so much cartoony ? #21
    • We like your submission, it is one of our favorites.

  • I really like the look of your bear & hammock in this design, is it possible to fit the name in the hammock like the others you listed & still keep the look of this design?
    • Thanks for the feedback. I have posted #19. Are there any revisions you would like to see to that entry?

    • Thank you for your quick response. I like the way you fit the name in, but I liked the look of the blue hammock in #9 & the way his leg hung over the side. I don't know if it is in some way possible to combine the two.

    • No problem. I will get to work on it and post something soon. Thanks again.

    • Just uploaded entry #22 with your requests made. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. Thanks

  • Do not use clip art in your design. This is your only warning. Source:
  • Do not use clip art in your designs. This is your only warning. Source:
  • Is it possible to make the face more defined, more able to see from a distance.
    • No problem. I will upload a revision soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #48, #49. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Dear CH it was mentioned the logo #37 and #35 my direction was wrong please give me your direction best regards vijitha
  • Hi! Please look at my submission #40. According to your description in brief I tried to cover all your needs like fun simple design, taco for bear, minimal, playful, and budget. You can use this logo in any single color because I have used white for the second color option. Revised Version (bi-color): #55 Thanks
  • is it possible to fit bear & taco in the same circle? would it be possible to see it with the hammock attatched to the B & the O?
  • We like the bear. We would like taco to look a little more like a hammock.
  • Can you make his smile bigger?
  • Do not copy an existing design!!! Source:
  • Hi CH. Please find my entry #27, #28. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
    • The bear needs some work.

    • Thank you for the feedback, I have produced entry #31, #32. Regards SJK

  • Hi CH, Feedback about my entry #84 would be really helpful in improving the design.
  • Dear CH, My new entry #76, feedback please? Thank you!
  • Hi CH. I like to hear your comments about my work #74 .
  • Could you put back up your other one that showed the small black & white? Also could you show me this without a blanket, with a brown bear & a lighter blue? Thank you.
  • Please view 68 and 69 and leave feedback. I went in a other direction with one in oder to stray away from the bear in a hammock idea.