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Winning design #290 by benudesign, Logo Design for Bears Cage Fitness Contest
Gold Medal

designed by benudesign

Project description

The “Bears Cage” has many meanings to us. Our fitness group is ran by a passionate storm chaser and CrossFit athlete... In terms of weather, the bears cage is the meanest part of the storm with the tornado wind and hail. In CrossFit it would be like stepping into the craziest workout. I want a way to encapsulate fitness and weather into a logo. There shouldn’t be a bear in image, it’s just part of the phrase. Things like a tornado, lightning bolts etc and then fitness items like a barbell, kettlebell etc would be most appropriate icons. This is all about living without fear and pushing the limits of nature and fitness. Abbreviating and just having BCF is okay too, it could be too wordy if spelled out. 

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  • About #257, @ibnuc6495 what is right? please guide me to righf direction.
  • @ovaiz1 can you also do this without the circle with Bears Cage Fitness written out and submit together, like # 257? #283
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #269
  • @ibnuc6495 sorry for so many comments, use this as the FINAL, most up to date comment!!

    I think for consistency, If we can make #46 and #19 as one submission that will be the winner. But they are a bit different, as #19 has the barbell through the BCF and #46 has it through the tornado and obviously #19 has no circle around it and #46 does, I would like both. So here is what I propose...

    Use #19, but then also add in a design with circle around it, like you did in #46... But using the font from #19 to have the "Bears Cage Fitness" inside the circle part. Then I will have the option to use the cirlce/crest or just the logo, etc.. I hope this makes sense. Also the extra text at the bottom isn't needed :)

    Thank you!!!
    • @btsullivan91 Thanks sir for your direction, i have do it, please check my revision thanks

  • Dear Sir
    please check this one. Thanks #256
  • I hope its right sir thanks #251
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #250
  • As I commented on #46... Can you combine this and #46 into one entry/page, so that I can choose as winner and be able to have logo with both the circle/enclosure and not? Thank you! #19
  • please give feedback if you are interested in my logo design #248
  • About #234, @metrixnet96 This concept is good for the T-shirt design, caps and looks good on the wall as a mockup.
  • please, ceck my disign! #246
  • feedback, please! #245
  • There are no bear items in the logo, things like tornadoes, lightning and then fitness items like barbells, kettlebells etc. Will be the most appropriate icon. It's all about living without fear and pushing the boundaries of nature and fitness. Shorten the font to BCF.

    I beg you to check my design, thank you and good luck. #244
  • Please send me your comment and suggestions. Best regards. #240
  • I’m still getting comments that it doesn’t look enough like a “C” and that the kettlebell is hard to see. Obviously I can see it because I’m looking for it but can you think of any ideas? @enriquezsangelo #205
  • @ibnuc6495 would you be able to submit this and #46 together so I could choose to use the circle/crest or not?? #19
  • BCF Fitness #238
  • Let me know any suggestion #232
  • Let me know any suggestion #229