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Winning design #95 by AJGC, Logo Design for Beat The Sun Up Contest
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designed by AJGC

Project description

My vision for this is to have a dominate MUSCULAR character or character FACE (gorilla, lion,) etc beating the sun up... I'm  thinking putting the sun into a headlock, standing on top in a victorious pose or choke hold, something along those lines but please be as creative as possible. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A CHARACTER

I want to convey physically beating the sun up while still getting the message across that beating the sun up literally means waking up early and winning your day. 


Beat The Sun Up is a bit of a double entendre.
It started with a hashtag and has grown into people identifying waking up before the sun  or "Beating the Sun Up".

It goes hand and hand with fitness so essentially" beating the sun up"

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  • Hello there CH @willcaban. Hope you are doing well. The logo is designed to look clean, professional and is as per the brief. The logo conveys strength as required. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo designed. If there is anything that you would like to change, do let me know.

    Best Regards,
    Shibin #745
    • Do let me know your thoughts on this logo design CH @willcaban :)

  • About #505, @onecoyz I like the idea, can you change up the font and move it so its under the image? Can you also do an image only and one with the font.

    Many thanks!
    • @willcaban About #505, sorry I am late to respond your request, because I was on hospital. My uncle was on medical treatment and need someone to help him. I already made the revision but late to deliver it. Thank you for appreciating my design. My best regards in advance

  • Please Check #767
  • Hi,

    please check and let me now any changes

    thank you #749
  • Please check my design,thank you. #747
  • Hi, This is yet another version I came up with. This time I use lion in the design. I think this design will work perfectly for your need, beside that everyone would love to wear a shirt with lion on it. I hope you will choose me. If there is any thing you want to do differently or want something else please inform me. I would love to design more concepts until you get what you want.
    Thanks. #724
  • Hi, This is another version for the design.I use Actual sun and lion to elaborate the "Beat the sun up" . I really do hope you will like this, if you want changes or need something else please notify me. I am really looking forward to this contest. I do have another idea in mind i will get back with another design.
    thanks #723
  • Hi, My name is Sahir. I designed a dragon in the shape of S. I kinda want to have a quality of fire in the design so I came up with dragons. I hope you will like the design. If need changes let me know. Currently I am working on another idea for the logo. Hope you will consider me before selecting the finalists.
    Thanks. #722
  • This design tries to depicts the gorilla having the upper hand in the race against the sun. #715
  • hope you like this. #713
  • Hi there
    i hop your doing will.please find the attachment and if you wont any change please let me know
    thank you #701
  • 1st #700
  • how do you think about this one?
    thanks for your feedback #669
  • I created a simple and modern logo trying to bring a new touch. The logo it's vector so you can print at large scale without loosing quality. If you have questions or if you want to change something, feel free to open the chat and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you! #654
  • Dear @willcaban ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #652
  • it is a copy #538
  • design #538 it is a copy
  • 3rd version #647
  • 2nd version #646
  • tell me for changes if you want #645