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Winning design #22 by bndckts_, Logo Design for Beauté Clin d'Oeil - Esthetics Contest
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designed by bndckts_

Project description

I need a logo for my esthetic business .  I prefer a simple, modern, clean look. 

I would like "Beauté'' to be in smaller letters and ''Clin d'Oeil'' bigger.  ''Esthetics'' would be underneath Clin d'Oeil in smaller letters. 

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  • Hi there,
    Kindly check our entry and give your comments.
    Best Regards,
    Irfan Grpahic
  • My proposal design 02 #150
  • My proposal design 01 #139
  • Could you please add the brush that i like with the Esthetics in the middle of the brush please #108
    • @jenny_mcintyre519 Hello thank you for your feedback, please see entries #116 & #117 thanks

    • @jenny_mcintyre519 Hello please see entries #129 #130 & #131 thanks

  • Dear Contest Holder,
    I hope you like it.
    If you any modify then inform me.
    Waiting for your feedback. #127
  • Hi really like you design, nice modern clean lines. could you put Beauté in the middle and change the font of Esthetics please. just want to see Thanks #119
    • @jenny_mcintyre519 Hi there, Thanks for liking. I've submitted another design before your comments with different fonts. font for "Clin d'Oeil" is also changed in #120 bit similar to previous. I am working on 3rd option. Will place Beauté in middle in that option.

    • @jenny_mcintyre519 I've submitted different clean,modern and chic options in #121,#132,#133,#134 and #135 that have the essence of your business. All 3 fonts are changed in each entry and Beauté is in the middle. Hope you like them as well. I will be happy to make any adjustments you need.

  • Thanks for the feedback, i did what you told me to and here it is :) #115
  • Okay sure, thanks for your feedback. :)
  • May I ask you Kindly to provide the style of the font that you like to use in your logo?
    I'll appreciate your consideration
    Thank you
    • @ArtRakane i like modern letters, clean straight lines , sorry not sure if it makes sense .

  • i really like this design, i just find it a little to simple #108
  • changing font #110
  • Different font for Beautè #107
  • Trying some different font for Beautè #106
  • Hello. I will post with a few different fonts. Thank you for the feedback. #84
  • thanks for my design feedback #92
    please check this design after the change
  • Hi like i said i really love this design, one of my favorite, nice modern and clean. Not sure about the eyelash on top. Could we try putting Beauté to the left side and adding the lash beside or anything else, im open to suggestion. Without the lash i find it a bit to plan thanks a lot #70
  • Hi , really like the font of Beauté the rest is a bit busy for me Thanks #92
  • About #96, as you asked: changed color and location of brush
  • About #78, hi, changes were made
  • About #79, hi, changes were made