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Winning design #103 by logox, Logo Design for Beckmanns Plumbing & Heating Contest
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designed by logox

Project description

I am looking for a logo for my plumbing & heating company to use on my trucks, letterhead, shirts, and business cards. 
I was leaning towards the emblem, and letterform designs or even an abstract design but i am open to all and any suggestions. I am not sure or set on any specific design. 

Even if the company name is plumbing & heating (mostly heatingpumps) we also work with air condition. But it is not necessary to include in the logo. Another thing is my name i Bjorn Beckmann and Bjorn is the swedish word for bear, that´s mabey hard to include and also not necessary.

I like logos witch in one "flame" combine fire and water och fire and snowflake. 
BUT as i said, i am open to all and any suggestions.
My company works mostly on new high end homes so I would like my logo to be very professional, simple and clean looking no bright colors nothing playful i'd prefer darker shades of reds, blues, grays, silvers, or black. 
I'm looking for something to separate my company logo from every other plumbing company logo out there. Definitely no little men with pipe wrenches on there shoulder... I look forward to seeing everybody's designs thanks.

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  • About #154, @Probir Ghosh nice! I like the 3D feeling in both this one and the other! But I would prefer it without the circle, only one color black font, and maybe also another font more like in you "trust wire" design. Thank you!
  • Logo B (Beckman) a combination of fire and water elements #169
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  • Hi, Good Day! Logo Symbol can have indirect reference to its Logo Text / product / services. e.g. NBC logo, National Geographic logo, Lacoste logo, Pringles logo, Starbucks logo, KFC logo, Apple Inc. logo.
    More details are in my profile. Thanks!
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