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Winning design #126 by delta3fx, Logo Design for Bed Ledge Logo / Identity Design Contest
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designed by delta3fx

Project description

What is the task at hand? Design and develop a brand identity for The Bed Ledge. Deliverables include: • Logo and icon • High and low resolution versions in jpeg, gif, and vector art formats • Web-friendly font system using publicly available fonts (optional) • Web-friendly color system that includes Hex, RGB, CMYK, and PMS values (optional) The problem Bunked and single bed sleepers often create makeshift nightstands to keep their phones next to them at night. These solutions require time to implement and are often flimsy. The opportunity The Bed Ledge Stand solves this problem with a simple shelf that easily attaches to bed rails and posts. The product may include an electrical outlet or cell phone docking station. Who are we speaking to? Owners and users of bunked and single beds, particularly those for whom space constraints are an issue. College-age males and females as well as members of the military constitute the largest target markets. Mandatories Simple, clean, maybe with a touch of whimsy. Versatile color palette. Sans serif fonts. Non-vector artwork delivered in various sizes and resolutions, suitable for use in web and print.

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